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Archer Extreme (AXT) Titanium Extreme


Pushing the envelope of sight design as well as materials used, Archer Extreme unleashes what is possible the lightest sight on the market. The Titanium XT is light as a feather, tough as nails, and packed with ground-breaking features. Starting with the new TBR Titanium Bracket Ridge system, the XT carries a super thin sight bracket (more closely resembling a knife blade), yet remains remarkably strong. Sporting a new HV Fiber Ring Guard, shooters can more easily align the peep sight with the sight housing; especially in low-light conditions. With the addition of A Fiber Harness bracket system, maximum light is allowed to reach each fiber optic pin. The XT is also versatile; offering a right and left reversing bracket, and machined bubble-level holes on the top and bottom of the sight.