Excalibur Crossbows – Matrix 330


This brand new for 2014 Excalibur Matrix 330 is exceptionally light weight, perfect for the hunter looking for high performance from an ultra compact crossbow!
This is the Matrix that has me excited to spend some time in the field together.  The new Matrix 330 from Excalibur is the perfect choice for hunters who want a lightweight, compact, smooth-cocking, easily carried crossbow for those long days afield and still have all of the advantages that are realized from a recurve bow.
The Matrix 330 offers many of the same features as Excalibur’s popular Matrix 355 and Matrix 380 crossbows that debuted a year ago, including the Compact Recurve Technology design. However, due to its mere 11.3-inch powerstroke it’s even easier to cock, weighs an astonishing 5.1 pounds, and comes fully dressed in Mossy Oak’s Breakup Infinity Camouflage.
With its 220 lb draw weight and 11.3-inch powerstroke, the Matrix 330 delivers arrow speeds at an impressive 330 fps, and offers plenty of power for any North American big game animal.

The Matrix 330 is available only as a package, which also features a Vari-Zone scope, scope mount and 1-inch rings, a rope-cocking aid, four-arrow quiver with bracket, and four Diablo arrows with 150-grain field points.
Matrix Mega 330 Specs:
Feet/Second: 330
Power Stroke: 11.3 inches
Draw Weight: 220 lbs
Mass Weight: 5.1 lbs
Overall Length: 33.87 inches
MSRP: $770

For more detailed information go to: www.excaliburcrossbow.com!