Black Eagle Carnivore


Most hunters know the long-standing, established arrow brands on the market.  But a relative new-comer, Black Eagle, is a brand to watch out for.  Black Eagle offers a variety of arrows models to chose from, including shafts that are purpose-built for hunting, 3D archery, and indoor target archery.  The Carnivore arrow is a great hunting and 3D arrow that will allow you to shoot the same arrow shaft arrow all year – whether you’re on the target trail or in the deer woods.  The Carnivore is offered with straightness tolerances of +/-.001” or +/- .003, and has a weight tolerance of +/- .5 grains.  Deflections offered are 400 (6.8gpi), 350 (7.5gpi), and 300 (8.5gpi).