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Todd Graf's #1 passion in life is bowhunting for whitetail deer. In fact, Todd probably spends more time in a treestand in one year of bowhunting than most bowhunters do in 5 years. Spending this much time in the stand Todd has many opportunities to field test bowhunting products and find out which ones stand the test of time and which ones fail under the rigors of serious bowhunting.
Sweetness (61 photos) Relive the excitement of this 5 year quest for a legendary Illinois whitetail nicknamed "Sweetness". As featured in the August 2012 issue of the Whitetail Journal , the hunt for Sweetness first started on a fateful day during the summer of 2007 when he was spotted feeding with a bachelor group of bucks.
October 10th, 2008
1st Buck harvest of 2008. Nice Wisconsin 3 1/2 year old. Morning Hunt
2008 1st Doe
My first doe for the season. Got the Earn-A-Buck out of the way and now I am ready to find a good buck.
2001 IL Buck
Small tracks of land paid off again. Sometimes you don't need lots of land to harvest some nice bucks.
2 hours of stalking this buck and I was able to get with in 20 yards. I stood up and I was able to get a shot off. Where did the last 8 years go.
IL Snow Storm
10 degrees out and the deer could not resist the bean field that I was hunting over.
Tough Find...
Not happy with this shot I made, I took 6 guys and 5 hours to track this whitetail.
Wisconsin 2003
A small water hole paid off for me during the drought of 2003. Deer need to drink.
1st 2003 Buck
I had a heck of a time patterning bucks on this tree farm.
5 days No bucks
Wow, I thought I was never going to see another buck this season. I spent over 36 hours on stand and finally this nice buck came along.
Early Season Buck
I was lucky enough to spot this buck early in the season while he was still on a somewhat predicatable feeding pattern. Just before dark he stepped out from his bedding area to feed and I was able to get a shot off at him. He gross scored just over 145".
Brow Tines!
What can I say? I saw the brow tines coming through the woods and I had a hard time passing this guy up! Justin and I had an encounter with this buck earlier in the season and I had several trail camera photos of him, which made the hunt that much better.
2007 Video Buck
Josh Fletcher and I harvested this nice buck together while bowhunting in Central Wisconsin. It was one of the best hunts of the year, we saw deer all night before this guy came in. Check out the video gallery to see the footage of this exciting hunt.
2007 Earn-A-Buck Doe
Despite the terrible rain conditions in Wisconsin, I finally managed to connect with my Earn-A-Buck doe in late September 2007. As the doe population gets smaller it is becoming more difficult to harvest those Earn-A-Bucks. The DNR is succeeding! Check out the video gallery for the self-filmed footage of this hunt.
Illinois Ghost
My home state of Illinois! This brusier buck showed up out of nowhere in early November, as they often do. Despite the fact that I had 5 trail cameras in this area I never had one photo of this deer, but here he is.
Wisconsin Buck
I took this great Wisconsin bucks from one of my favorite treestands. Despite putting a decent shot on this deer the true strength of these whitetails was shown after a 300 yard track job. Always remember - practice, practice, practice!
2nd Buck of 2004
This buck goes to show you how small tracts of land can still produce. With only 6 acres to hunt on this honey hole produced a good buck year after year. Bigger isn't always better!
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