2014 ATA Show

A collection of photos of all the new bowhunting gear seen at the 2014 ATA show in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Flex-Fletch Flame Vane
Set the world on fire with the new Flame vane from Flex-Fletch products.
Bow Shot & Bow Mag
The talk of last year's show, the Bow Mag from Rac-Em-Back, has been expanded to include the new Bow Shot. The Bow Shot (left) is filled with #7 steel shot which fires upon impact with the target. Also new for this year is a Bow Mag which fires a .22 bullet (right).
Winchester Archery
Another shot of the bows from Winchester archery.
iScope Adapter
The iScope is a patent pending Smartphone scope adapter which allows you to attach your Smartphone directly to the eye piece of your scope.​
Hunter Safety System Harness

The updated ultra light harness from Hunter Safety System features a new grid fabric design which is lighter and stronger than ever.

Hartcraft Broadheads

New Scooptail broadheads feature "scooped out" ferrule design which channels wind and stabilizes the broadhead in flight.

Winchester Bows
Known primarily for their quality firearms, Winchester also produces some high end archery equipment as well.
Techno Hunt
The Techno Hunt booth was busy all three days with archers enjoying some electronic simulated hunting.
HSS Buckle
The new redesigned waist buckle on Hunter Safety System harnesses is smaller, lighter and stronger than ever.
Innerloc Shape Shifter

The new Shape Shifter expandable broadhead from Innerloc uses a patent-pending Exo-Cover to provide true field point shape while in flight. The cover then breaks apart on impact to deploy 3 .040" thick blades with a 1 1/4" cutting diameter.

EZ Press Adjustment
New for 2014 the EZ Press from Last Chance Archery features an optional deluxe 2nd axis adjustment so you can spin and flip your bow to work on it while still in the press.
Bushnell Trophy Cam Cellular

An inside look at the new Busnell Trophy Cam cellular.

Eyecon Frenzy Trail Cam
The pivoting head on the Eyecon trail camera allows you to mount the camera in a variety of positions, regardless of angle. The Frenzy features a 5 MP camera with 1.2 second trigger speed and 70 foot flash range.
Carbon Synergy Clothing Wash
This new laundry detergent from Carbon Synergy is an odorless wash for your clothing that does not contain carbon.
Last Chance EZ Press
An up close view of the new 2nd axis adjustment on the Last Chance EZ Press.
Diamond Carbon Cure

The new Carbon Cure from Diamond features a carbon fiber riser and rotating module which allows you to adjust draw length without the need for a bow press. 325 fps

Bug Blocker
Repel mosquitos, black flies and ticks for up to 8 hours with new Bug Blocker from Robinson Outdoors.
Moultrie M-1100i Trail Camera
The new 12 MP trail camera from Moultrie will capture up to 10,000 images on a set of 8 AA batteries and retails for $229.
Flex-Fletch Primer

The new Zing primer pen from Flex-Fletch works on all vanes and allows you to prep them before fletching for optimal adhesion. No more q-tips, napkins or paper towels needed!

Trinity Blast
Feature ScentBlocker's unique Trinity technology this spray works to eliminate human odors and help you go undetected in the field.
Scott Shultz
ScentBlocker CEO Scott Schultz addressing the media and giving us an in depth look at their new Trinity scent control products, including these light weight pants.
Hoyt Carbon Spyder
One of the hottest bows at the show the Hoyt Carbon Spyder features a stunning carbon fiber riser which makes these bows both light and strong.
Bad Ass Slingshots
It looks like a slingshot but shoots like a bow! The Bad Ass Slingshot features a flat band which delivers more power and speed than ever before. Great for shooting fish, hogs, gators and more.
Hawk Accessories
To compliment their new line of treestands Hawk Hunting also features a variety of great stand accessories including gear hoists, tree hooks, bow holders and more.
Bushnell Cellular Trail Cam
The new Trophy Cam HD Cellular from Bushnell can be controlled directly from a smart phone app and will send photos via text or email using the AT&T cellular network. Plans start at $10/month and the camera retails for $599.
Tenzing TCSP14

The new TCSP14 from Tenzing is custom designed to support a crossbow for easy transportation.

Hunter Safety System Reversible Vest
If you like to hunt with both bow and gun the new HSS reversible harness features blaze orange on one side and Realtree on the other.
Hawk Helium XL Stand
The new Helium XL stand from Hawk Hunting has a 24" x 30" aluminum platform, weighs a mere 12 lbs and retails for $140.
Todd Talking
Todd talking with Jerry Wedner from Hunter Safety System about their top of the line Elite vest.
ScentBlocker Signing
ScentBlocker had plenty of outdoor personalities on hand to sign autographs for show attendees.
Tree Spider
The Robinson Outdoors booth is hard to miss with the giant Tree Spider which can be seen from quite a distance!
Morrell Triple Play
Why not make archery fun with the Morrell Triple Play target.
Bushnell Trophy Cameras
New for 2014 Bushnell has redesigned their Trophy Cam line to include 3 all new models all of which include 8 megapixel cameras and less than 1 second trigger speed.
Easton Carbon Bowfire Arrows
Got arrows? The new Bowfire from Easton features a straigtness of +/- .003" and is available in 330, 400 and 480 spines. The 400 spine arrow weighs 8.5 grains per inch.
2014 ATA
Going up to the main floor.
2014 ATA
Billboards everywhere!
2014 ATA
A look from the floor of the 2014 ATA show in Nashville TN
2014 ATA
A look from the floor of the 2014 ATA show in Nashville TN
2014 ATA
A look from the floor of the 2014 ATA show in Nashville TN
B Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx
New from B Stinger is the Pro Hunter Maxx stabilizer with 3 removable end weights for customized balance and performance. It also uses the limbsaver de-resonator to help remove vibration and noise. Availabe in 8, 10, and 12 inch models with black or many camo options.
Dirt Nap Gear
Dirt Nap Gear's broadheads with a modular weight system from 100gr to 125gr with a lifetime guarantee.
Muddy Silent Strap
The Muddy silent camera arm strap is new for Muddy Outdoors. It uses a synch system and a lever to tighten the strap the rest of the way, making virtually no noise.
Muddy Pro Camera Arm
New from Muddy Outdoors is the new Pro camera arm. They took the ever popular Outfiiter camera arm and increased the strength as well as made it 4" longer. This camera arm comes with the new silent camera arm strap as well. Muddy states it should hold just about every camera the consumer uses at $199 retail.
Tenzing TZ 721
New from Tenzing is the TZ 721. It is a fanny style pack designed to stay on through your hunt. This pack is loaded with features like a built in hand muff with hand warmer pockets, cell phone pocket, and specialized pockets for water bottles and rangefinders.
2014 ATA
A look from the floor of the 2014 ATA show in Nashville TN
2014 ATA
A look from the floor of the 2014 ATA show in Nashville TN
The iScope is designed to mount your scope to your phone. These are becoming popular as phone camera technology has improved.
Imagine his view

I wonder what his view looks like at the 2014 ATA show

Headhunters TV

Not everyday will you see Nate Hosie and Randy Birdsong taking photos for fans.  Great guys!


Neat demonstration in the Opti Logic booth.

Catching up

Justin Zarr, Jeremy Leu, and a LaCrosse boots rep catching up at the show

Product Video

The guys are doing a great job puting together product videos for our viewers

Cowgirl Up

Popular footwear here in Nashville TN

Mike Workin'

Mike busy filming a product video for a vender and our viewers.

Todd and Joel

Todd Graf and Joel Maxfield talking about the new Zebra Trophy bowstrings.

Zebra Bowstrings

Zebra launched the Trophy line of bowstrings and build to spec for any bow!


What are you looking at, hopefully checking out the 2014 ATA coverage from bowhunting.com

-Tom "redneck" Gobble

Vortex Razor

A nice compact Razor spotting scope

Montana Decoy

A new 2d decoy by Montana Decoys

Thermacel Heated Insoles

After the winter we are having, these may be the ticket.

ATA Business

Making orders and stocking shelves.

Duck Dynasty

The Robertsons haven't moved all day!

ATA Business
Orders being made in the Scentblocker booth at the 2014 ATA show.
Product Videos
Tom Alford busy explaining what bowhunting.com does before filming a product video.
Change Up hunting chair
Finally, a truly breathable, silent, and comfortable chair by Change Up
ARC Outdoor Gear
New last year with little coverage was the KutZall which is designed to keep the blade assortments inside the handle until use. Very light weight and rugged!
Xcel Action Camera
With action cameras gaining popularity everywhere, Xcel developed the Xcel HD and Xcel HD2 that come in many configurations. The Xcel HD2 is NEW with a better low light sensor retailing for under $400 while the Xcel HD is around $250.
USA Olympic Archery
The USA Olympic Archery team, including Brady Ellison, signing autographs
EZ Kut Sling Pak
New from EZ Kut is the Sling Pak, which is a great tool designed to hold the Lopper, Pruner, Folding Saw, and other devices.
Techno Hunt
Retailers are testing out the latest from Techno Hunt. Lifelike realism shooting fun aimed towards the proshop owners.
Safe Archery
Neat shooting game at the 2014 ATA show.
Northwoods Bear Products
Scents and Attractants designed for the bear hunter. Add with bait or spray in the area you intend to hunt!
Striker Bows
These handcrafted traditional longbows are sure to catch your eye.
Mad Shady Baby
Shady Baby Upright and Breeding Hen from MAD. Lifelike collapsible decoy.
A back view of the new Helios nock/fletching system.
LaCrosse Aerohead Boots
The rubber overmold on the LaCrosse Aerohead makes these boots tough yet light weight.
Stealth Cam Battery Tray
The new G Series cameras from Stealth Cam feature a removable battery tray for easy use.
Stealth Cam E Series
New E Series trail cams from Stealth Cam have external controls and LCD screen for quick and easy setup in the field.
Inside the Aerohead
A cutaway view inside the popular and durable LaCrosse Aerohead boot.
T.R.U. Ball Fang Release
The new T.R.U. Ball Fang series releases feature a hook style mechanism that can be adjusted to be full enclosure or not.
Stealth Cam G Series Inside
Open the door on the new G Series cameras from Stealth Cam and you'll find a small LED screen for easy setup.
Stealth Cam G Series
Another close up view of the new Stealth Cam G Series trail camera. All new for 2014.
New Stealth Cam packaging
Be on the lookout for Stealth Cam's new black & red packaging for their all new revamped line of trail cameras.
Hard at work

Bowhunting.com's Mike Pearce filming new product reviews.

Intercept Axon Crossbow Riser
The Intercept's full length weaver-style rail allows full adjustability to customzie the fit for you.
Camo Buck
Want a mount that's truly unique? Take a look at the Camo Buck, available in a variety of colors and patterns.
It's Epic
The Epic Instant On HD camera is great for filming hunts
Carbon Express Intercept Crossbow Axon Crossbow

This AR inspired crossbow is fully adjustable and customizable and shoots an impressive 360 fps.

Nice hat!

Bowhunting.com has officially invaded the hunting industry. Look out!

I'm seeing RED
Are you part of the RED revolution?
Girl Shooting
The woman's bowhunting market is growing rapidly. Its great seeing woman shooting in the archery lanes.
2014 ATA Business
For retailers and shop owners, this show is all business. Stocking their stores is top priority at this show.
Rocky Hunting Products
Some of the Rocky Hunting Products in use at the show.
HHA Sports Crossbow Sighting System
HHA Sports with their Optimizer Speed Dial Adjustable Crossbow Sighting System. This system eliminates guessing or gapping.
Huntin' is Good
Sweat Tea Music playing in the Huntin' is Good booth.
Tenzing WF13
Geared towards the Water Foul Hunter, this bag features everything you would want. It has pockets where you need them, waterproof, and has a pull out hand muff.
Tenzing TP14
Angie Denny of Table Mountain Outfitters modeling the new Turkey Pack from Tenzing. It features many pockets and balancing poles and a padded seat for comfort!
Clinton Faucett
Clinton Faucett shooting some product videos on the 2014 ATA show floor.
Carbon Express Intercept Axon
New from Carbon Express is the Intercept Crossbow. The one shown above is the Intercept Axon, which has a full accessory rail.
Nobody messes with a Badger!
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