Weston Products Launches NEW Site for Game Processing Equipment


CLEVELAND, Ohio – Weston Products, a leading manufacturer of products for specialty food preparation, has launched a new website featuring its new Realtree Outfitters™ line of game processing equipment.The site, located is a marriage of content and commerce, featuring instructional videos hosted by TV personality and avid hunter, Travis ‘T-Bone’ Turner. T-Bone is co-host of Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector TV Show on the Outdoor Channel as well as a professional archer and pro staff member of several companies including Realtree®.

website homepage with dude and food

The Realtree Outfitters™ line by Weston® includes products to slice, grind, and store fresh wild game as well as turn it into sausages, burgers, and jerky. Each product is branded with the Realtree® distinction, featuring the Realtree AP™ camouflage pattern, antler logo, and signature colors.

ABOUT WESTON PRODUCTS Founded in 1997, Weston Products is a leading manufacturer of specialty food processing equipment, specializing in commercial-grade meat processing equipment, home harvesting tools, and traditional style kitchenware. The company is an independently operated private company, purchased in 2009 by current management team Michael Caspar and Jason Berry. More information on Weston Products can be found at online.

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