Date:January 6-8, 2014
Venue:Music City Center
Location:Nashville, TN

The ATA Trade Show is without a doubt the archery and bowhunting industry’s LARGEST show. It is also the most EXCLUSIVE. That means only a select percentage of the bowhunting community can attend this exciting event; this includes shop owners, retailers, hunting celebrities, and those in the media. From the coolest accessories, to the hottest new bows of the year you can find the best ATA show coverage right here.


Day Three

Wednesday, January 8th

Reporting from the ATA Show

Moultrie Panoramic 150i | 2014 ATA Show

Moultrie Panoramic 150i

The new PANORAMIC 150i is made to not spook that nervous Buck. The new Moultrie PANORAMIC 150i is said to dramatically change the way we scout. The 150i is based on the same platform as the 150. The major difference is the addition of the NO Glow Infrared
2014 Mathews Creed XS | 2014 ATA Show

2014 Mathews Creed XS

Mathews needs no introductions, being the sport’s top bow brand many years running. The new 2014 Creed XS (MSRP $950) features a compact profile with the forgiveness and accuracy serious bowhunters demand. The Creed XS is powered by SimPlex Single Cam technology
Muck Boots Pursuit Glory | 2014 ATA Show

Muck Boots Pursuit Glory

The days of cold and uncomfortable feet are over . The Muck Boot Company has released their top of the line addition for 2014. The Pursuit Glory will be hitting store shelves in May of this year. These boots will not only keep you warm and dry , but with
BowTech Carbon Knight | 2014 ATA Show

BowTech Carbon Knight

BowTech made its mark with pure, raw speed. For 2014 the big news at BowTech is the lightest premium bow ever produced. The new BowTech Carbon Knight (MSRP $699) weighs just 3.2 pounds, due entirely to its high-tech carbon-material construction. BowTech discovered
2014 Mathews McPherson Series Chill R | 2014 ATA Show

2014 Mathews McPherson Series Chill R

In the dual cam arena Mathews has expanded on the popular Chill platform, released in 2013, with the new Chill R. With a longer axle to axle length and shorter brace height the Chill R offers some added stability for those who prefer a longer bow while also
Yukon Gear Heated Suit | 2014 ATA Show

Yukon Gear Heated Suit

Never worry about the temperature again. YUKON GEAR has released their HEATED SUIT for 2014. This Jacket is waterproof, rainproof and comes standard with all of the features you would expect out of any quality outfitter style Jacket. If all that was not E
Elite Archery Energy | 2014 ATA Show

Elite Archery Energy

Elite Archery, a relative newcomer to the bowhunting scene has made its name by concentrating on pure shootability rather than raw speed. The 2014 Energy 32 and 35 (31 ¾/35 3/4-inch, 4.3/4.5-pound, 7-inch-braced, respectively) both shoot around 335 fps IBO
Browning Strike Force and Dark Ops Trail Cameras | 2014 ATA Show

Browning Strike Force and Dark Ops Trail Cameras

Browning releases some very impressive cameras at the 2014 ATA Show. These cameras are some of the smallest cameras on the Market. With 10MP, HD Videos, IR Illumination and Lightning fast 0.67 trigger speed these cameras are sure to be a hit. If all that
PSE Archery DNA SP | 2014 ATA Show

PSE Archery DNA SP

Pete Shepley’s Tucson-based bow company has been delivering the goods since 1971, the 2014 DNA SP (MSRP $900) yet another example of that company’s expertise in producing fast yet forgiving compound bows. The original DNA was all about speed, but PSE listened when customers
Bear Archery Agenda 6 | 2014 ATA Show

Bear Archery Agenda 6

Bear Archery Products has experienced a rebirth under Escalade Sports management, giving established compound powerhouses a run for their money. The 2014 Bear Agenda 6 (MSRP $900) is fast—like 350 fps fast. It accomplishes this via a 6-inch brace height and a new
Hoyt 2014 Faktor | 2014 ATA Show

Hoyt 2014 Faktor

Utah-based Hoyt can always be counted on to bring us something exciting and 2014 is no exception. The 2014 Faktor (MSRP $999) is made to hunt, decked out with an aircraft-grade aluminum riser, new Z5 Cam & ½ system and multiple vibration-squelching/silencing additions.
Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Spray | ATA Show 2014

Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Spray

Also look for the companies highly popular Deer Cane in a new liquid, spray formula. This new spray also has GLO Cote meaning you can spray foliage that is up off the ground making it even easier for deer to find your attractant. The possibilities are rea
Evolved Habitats Dirt Bag | ATA Show 2014

Evolved Habitats Dirt Bag

One of the more interesting ideas to hit food attractants comes from the folks at Evolved Habitat. Their new Dirt Bag food attractant may look brown to the eye but deer see it much differently. Using a special coating process called GLO Cote, the attracta
RexPID Broadheads | ATA Show 2014

RexPID Broadheads

Archery has improved their already proven limb dampers with the addition of the Hybrid Limb Damper that has a universal damper and fits limbs anywhere from 5/8 to ¾” spilt and ¾ to 1 inch limbs.
Masko Hawker | ATA Show 2014

Masko Hawker

Masko Outdoor Gear has one of the most versatile packs on the market with the new Hawker. The key point to this pack is that you can carry all of your gear with you while you are climbing or stalking and when the shot presents itself, you simply detach on

Day Two

Tuesday, January 7th

Reporting from the ATA Show

Invisib-Oil | 2014 ATA Show


Invisib-Oil is a product designed for those of us who are sticklers about scent control.  It is not a cover scent or an odor neutralizer, it controls  scent on the “cellular level”. We all shed some skin cells as we go about our business. These cells cont
ATB Scent Dispensing System | 2014 ATA Show

ATB Scent Dispensing System

The ATB Scent Dispensing System puts the scent where it can do the most good  and you won’t even  have to leave  your stand  and track up your hunting area. The system  consists of a patent pending wick/nock system that fits inside  an ATB vented arrow th
Plank Folding Cutting Board | 2014 ATA Show

Plank Folding Cutting Board

The only thing handier than a good cutting board around hunting camp is a good cutting board that doesn’t take up a lot of space when it is time to pack up. The new Plank Folding Cutting Boards from Seth McGinn’s (manufacturer of  Can Cookers) are as easy
Game Plan Long Haul | 2014 ATA Show

Game Plan Long Haul

This pack system is a must for the avid ground blind hunter - The Long Haul will fit your ground blind, chairs, and it has a shelf on top for your decoys titled the "Decoy Attic."  The welded seem lines are more durable than sewing and can hold hefty load
Limbsaver Silent Quiver | 2014 ATA Show

Limbsaver Silent Quiver

This is a 5 arrow quiver made with noise and vibration material that makes it extremely quiet.  It is very effective at dampening sound that is associated with the shot of your bow.  The rubber is utilized in the gripper and the hood of the quiver, which
Scent Blocker Live Wire G2 | 2014 ATA Show

Scent Blocker Live Wire G2

This year's second generation system is designed for peace of mind for the avid tree stand hunter.  It's basically a 25' spider braid line that is compact and goes around the tree and works with any TMA approved safety harness.  It prevents you from being
Rinehart Woodland Hunter | 2014 ATA Show

Rinehart Woodland Hunter

Looking for one target that can do it all? That's just what you'll find with the new Woodland target line from Rinehart.  Six shootable sides...two 3D sculpted vital sides, two sides for sighting in broadheads, and two sides for fine tuning give you plent
Primos Double Bull Shack Attack | 2014 ATA Show

Primos Double Bull Shack Attack

A new and improved design from the early Double Bull days, the Shack Attack brings a roomy ground blind design in a weight that easily packs in those hard to reach hunting hang outs.  The blind features a huge shooting/viewing window with shoot-through me
Scent Blocker SpiderWeb FeatherLite | 2014 ATA Show

Scent Blocker SpiderWeb FeatherLite

Stay safe and comfortable with the new SpiderWeb FeatherLite. This safety harness system is built in to Scent Blocker's top quality hunting garment to provide the ultimate in comfort and treestand safety.  Features include: Ultra Lightweight ripstop fabri
Hot Shot Accu Peep | 2014 ATA Show

Hot Shot Accu Peep

More light transmission means more accuracy and that's just what you'll find with the Accu-Peep from Hot Shot.  The convex shape peep and lightweight design will not lose shape over time.  The peeps are available in multiple colors and allow for easy serv
Apex Covert Sight | 2014 ATA Show

Apex Covert Sight

The Covert features the world's first quick-change pin technology allowing you to change pin size and color in seconds.  You'll also find super-easy one hand adjustment, 2nd and 3rd axis illuminated level, and over 60 pre-marked yardages tapes to simplify
Wasp Vesta Lighted Nock | 2014 ATA Show

Wasp Vesta Lighted Nock

Lighted Nocks are all the rage and Wasp broadheads have decided to join the lighted revolution. Featuring an LED light that activates only when you release the arrow and weighing in at 22 grains, the Vesta will not affect your accuracy. It is available in
Under Armour Rut Suit | 2014 ATA Show

Under Armour Rut Suit

Anyone familiar with Under Armour knows that their clothing lineup is warm. Perhaps their warmest outfit for bowhunters is the Rut suit. I’ve used it extensively and can attest for its performance. For 2014, the Rut comes with ColdGear Infrared Technology
Under Armour Rut Suit | 2014 ATA Show

Under Armour Rut Suit

Anyone familiar with Under Armour knows that their clothing lineup is warm. Perhaps their warmest outfit for bowhunters is the Rut suit. I’ve used it extensively and can attest for its performance. For 2014, the Rut comes with ColdGear Infrared Technology
Danner Pronghorn Boots | ATA Show 2014

Danner Pronghorn Boots

PronghornDanner is proud to announce that they have constructed an all new, upgraded Pronghorn…their most iconic boot to date. With an updated design, improved fit and new versatile outsole, the Pronghorn is lighter, faster and superior to the legendary p
Easton Outfitters Bowhunter Pack | 2014 ATA Show

Easton Outfitters Bowhunter Pack

Last year Easton entered the back pack market and made a modest impact. However, for 2014, they have poured a ton of focus into a variety of packs that are sure to meet almost every bowhunters needs. The aptly named Bowhunter is one such pack. This pack h
Gravedigger Broadheads | 2014 ATA Show

Gravedigger Broadheads

Combining the best of both words (fixed and mechanical) Gravedigger introduces a cut-on-contact head in both 100 and 125 grains. The 100 grain version carries .040 thick blades with a 1” cutting diameter on the main blades and .032 thickness and a 1 ¾” cu
Danner Gila Boots | 2014 ATA Show

Danner Gila Boots

Launching in the fall of 2014, Danner introduces the Gila boot. Modeled after a Danner style built for military operators in the rugged terrain of Afghanistan, the Gila is designed for alpine style hunting or anywhere steep “side hill” traversing is the n

Day One

Monday, January 6th

Reporting from the ATA Show

Axion Archery Limb Damper | 2014 ATA Show

Axion Archery Limb Damper

This damper has been specifically designed for split limb bows and crossbows. It will reduce the noise and vibration generated in today's bows resulting in a quieter and more accurate shot. It comes in three different models the Rubber Mount 3 oz, Rubber
AXT Titanium Recon | 2014 ATA Show

AXT Titanium Recon

This is a truly sweet looking arrow rest, very clean and modern looking. With the blend of carbon and titanium not only does it look good but it also offers superior strength and durability. The addition of the DOA trigger technology is said to dramatical
Badlands 2200 | 2014 ATA Show

Badlands 2200

The first back pack out of the gate for back pack juggernaut Badlands was the 2200. That was some 20 years ago. This pack has withstood the test of time because it is highly effective and tough as nails. However, customers have long wanted an upgrade to t
Bohning Stretch Fletch Sysem | 2014 ATA Show

Bohning Stretch Fletch Sysem

Joining the “slide over” vane system, Bohning introduces the new Stretch Fletch system. Each consists of a 2 7/8-inch molded sleeve that holds three Bohning Blazer vanes on a 3-degree right helical offset. The entire system slides over the arrow shaft and
Easton BowFire Arrows | 2014 ATA Show

Easton BowFire Arrows

Featuring next-generation, high definition graphics applied to a carbon shaft, the all new Easton BowFire has broadhead hunting accuracy and speed to burn. This new Easton arrow is a standard diameter shaft with exclusive White-Hot graphics which make it
Flying Arrow Archery Cyclone | 2014 ATA Show

Flying Arrow Archery Cyclone

This company made a significant impact last year with the introduction of the Toxic broadhead and its radical blade design. New this year is the Cyclone. With a slightly more “traditional” design (a slightly lesser twist in the blades), the Cyclone is a h
HHA Optimizer Lite Cadet | 2014 ATA Show

HHA Optimizer Lite Cadet

To help support the future of hunting by introducing a product that is specifically geared to new archers and kids, HHA has hit the mark. The all new OPTIMIZER LITE CADET is 100% machined aluminum , and weighs only 5 oz. This easy to use sight has a one p
LaCrosse Footwear Quick Shot Boot | 2014 ATA Show

LaCrosse Footwear Quick Shot Boot

Adding to their legendary line of hunting boots, LaCrosse introduces the new Quick Shot. This boot features a tongue-to-toe lacing system for a completely secure fit that is crucial when traversing difficult terrain. The Quick Shot also comes with a water
Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 | 2014 ATA Show

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1

Known for arguably some of the lightest, quietest stands in the industry, Lone Wolf enters 2014 with the introduction of the Alpha Tech F1. The Alpha Tech F1 is featured packed and affordably priced for today’s diehard bowhunter. While the one piece, cast
New Archery Products Apache EQ Stabilizer | 2014 ATA Show

New Archery Products Apache EQ Stabilizer

The all new Apache EQ Stabilizer takes vibration absorption to the next level. With 30 vibration absorbing elements and the ability to adjust the dampeners to shift balance to the shooters preference. The Total length is six inches and weighs in at only 4
New Archery Products Speedfletch | 2014 ATA Show

New Archery Products Speedfletch

The folks at NAP are known for quality products that make the lives of bowhunters much easier and the new Speedfletch is a step beyond their popular Quikfletch fletching system from years past. In essences, the Speedfletch is a “slip over” fletching syste
Rinehart Targets BOONER BUCK | 2014 ATA Show

Rinehart Targets BOONER BUCK

For all of you trophy buck hunters Rinehart Targets has developed the new BOONER BUCK. They say if you want to kill a giant you need to practice shooting one. This targets antlers are truly impressive. Each BOONER BUCK comes standard with one piece remova
Ultimate Anatomy Organ Buck |  2014 ATA Show

Ultimate Anatomy Organ Buck

The Ultimate Anatomy Organ Buck (UAOB) is the only target designed for perfect shot placement, compensating for various height, distance and angle variations utilizing superb medical field quality and anatomy. It is designed for arrows to penetrate the so
Under Armour Scent Control Aerosol Spray | 2014 ATA Show

Under Armour Scent Control Aerosol Spray

For everyone that is scent conscious, Under Armour has come out with a complete line of scent control products. The Aerosol spray contains game-changing technologies that destroy odor. With the use of a custom engineered zeolite carrier and a synthetic la
Wasp Archery Drone | 2014 ATA Show

Wasp Archery Drone

Wasp Archery is no stranger to the broadhead game. For 2014 the company unveils the Drone. A compact, solid-steel ferrule allows for reduced surface area which results in top-notch accuracy, strength, and penetration. The brawny ferrule, which when combin
Ameristep Hyde Stand | 2014 ATA Show

Ameristep Hyde Stand

Known highly for their ground blind production, Ameristep offers the new Hyde treesatnd. Featuring a durable, rustproof, cast aluminum platform, the Hyde is more stable and will last much longer than a standard hollow-tube design. Without welds, seams or
Deer Cane RTH | 2014 ATA Show

Deer Cane RTH

Evolved Habitats has taken the classic Deer Cane that we have all used and made it available in a ready to hunt mixture. Deer Cane RTH has been enhanced with UV and is now ready to spray on any feed, food plot or natural browse that you have in your hunti
HSS Hunter Safety System Contour | 2014 ATA Show

HSS Hunter Safety System Contour

No your favorite lady hunter can wear a vest that doesn’t make her feel like “one of the guys”. Made to fit the contours and natural curves of a woman’s body, the new HSS-CONTOUR features three Right-Fit stretch panels; perfect for a comfortable, snug fit
HSS Lil' Treestalker | 2014 ATA Show

HSS Lil' Treestalker

This is a great product for those of us that have kids that are ready to take their hunting adventures to the next level. If you are anything like me the only thing holding them back is the fear of a fall. With the LIL' TREESTALKER even Momma will feel co
Maverick Blinds | 2014 ATA Show

Maverick Blinds

Made of a super strong, rubber material, Maverick blinds can be taken apart (2 sections), come with 3 clear windows, and can also be painted to match any terrain. It is 75” high and offers true 360 degree visibility. The Maverick blind can be positioned o
Rage 2 Blade SS | 2014 ATA Show

Rage 2 Blade SS

This is a great new way for people with lower poundage bows or shorter draw lengths to still maximize the cutting diameter of the broadhead they are shooting. These broadheads have a sweeping blade angle to help ensure deeper penetration on large game ani
Muzzy Phantom SC | ATA Show 2014

Muzzy Phantom SC

This is the broadhead all of the Muzzy fans have been waiting for. This broadhead is made up of four fixed blades so you no longer have to index your broadhead to your fletching. The Phantom SC has a super durable solid steel Ferrule, .050 blades with a 1
Rage 3 Blade | ATA Show 2014

Rage 3 Blade

Rage really stepped up to the plate with this one. The new 3 blade rage with KORE technology is going to be a devastating broadhead this year. CNC machined cavities, advanced geometric design and an all stainless steel construction. The .5” tip cut, with
Nocturnal Lighted Nocks Helio | ATA Show 2014

Nocturnal Lighted Nocks Helio

The guys at Nocturnal have taken lighted nocks to a new level. The new Helios is actually a combination of a lighted nock and lighted vanes. The concept is interesting and I’m just as anxious as you to see it in flight for myself. The Helios come in a 6-v
Outdoor Prostaff Wire Wrap | ATA Show 2014

Outdoor Prostaff Wire Wrap

If you want to squelch noise in your bow riser while also looking like a true bad a_ _, then you have to check out these awesome looking dampeners. Made of a special material, the barbed-wire wraps around your bow riser to strangle any noise before it can
The TOM-Bomb | 2014 ATA Show

The TOM-Bomb

Flying Arrow Archery has done it again with the release of the TOM-Bomb. This will be an outstanding product for any of you Turkey hunters out there that want to make sure that big ole Tom will not get away this spring. With its 2.5" cutting diameter and
RIP CORD Code Red Fall away Rest in Pink | 2014 ATA Show

RIP CORD Code Red Fall away Rest in Pink

RIP Cord has moved into the PINK zone. Rip Cord is now offering the Rip Cord Code Red fall away rest in PINK. All of the same great features including the “drop dead brake system” and the ultra fast fall away for maximum clearance.Full Coverage of the 201

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