Technology Has Been Great for Bowhunting

Technology Has Been Great for Bowhunting

While shooting four models of 100-grain broadheads to fine-tune my hunting bow this past summer, I couldn't help but think about my first archery deer season 42 years ago.My bow-hunting setup in 1971 consisted of cedar arrows, Bear Razorhead broadheads, a
Why You’re Eating Tag Soup

Why You’re Eating Tag Soup

With the 2013 bow season quickly becoming a distant memory it’s time to look back and reflect on how your season turned out. Did you get your buck? If so, enjoy the fruits of your labor and be thankful. If not, then it’s going to be a long year; I know be
Uncommon Winter Practice

Uncommon Winter Practice

With winter upon us, now is the time to refine our skills for the upcoming hunting season. It seems that each year we all get busier in our daily lives, yet ideally we all need to strive to make time to continue advancing our bowhunting knowledge and honi
Bikes and Bows

Bikes and Bows

Every year my pre-season scouting finds me looking for hunting hangouts that no other hunter wants to mess with. This typically means sloshing through boot-sucking swamps, thickets, and hard to reach hideouts. I learned a long time ago that success in hun
Using Trail Cameras for Late Season Deer Inventory

Using Trail Cameras for Late Season Inventory

This is the first blog in a series of Quality Deer Management (QDM) blogs that I’ll author throughout the year where I’ll share with everyone that I’m doing in my neck of the whitetail woods to prepare for the following season.
Learning Things the Hard Way

Learning Things the Hard Way

Many lessons are learned through trial and error and it seems like the bigger the error, the more the lesson sticks with us. With that in mind, boy did I learn a doozy of a lesson in the fall of 2013.
Always on the Move

Always on the Move

After an unsuccessful evening of bow hunting, my family and I came home from the woods and sat down to eat supper. While we were talking about the evening’s hunt, the phone rang. The call was from my friend Dalton who lives a few farms away. He had shot a
2014 ATA Show Coverage - Day 3

2014 ATA Show Coverage - Day 3

Another ATA Show behind us as Day 3 comes to a close. We saw a lot of great bowhunting products and can't wait to get them in the field.
Moultrie Panoramic 150i | 2014 ATA Show

Moultrie Panoramic 150i

The new PANORAMIC 150i is made to not spook that nervous Buck. The new Moultrie PANORAMIC 150i is said to dramatically change the way we scout. The 150i is based on the same platform as the 150. The major difference is the addition of the NO Glow Infrared
Muck Boots Pursuit Glory | 2014 ATA Show

Muck Boots Pursuit Glory

The days of cold and uncomfortable feet are over . The Muck Boot Company has released their top of the line addition for 2014. The Pursuit Glory will be hitting store shelves in May of this year. These boots will not only keep you warm and dry , but with
Yukon Gear Heated Suit | 2014 ATA Show

Yukon Gear Heated Suit

Never worry about the temperature again. YUKON GEAR has released their HEATED SUIT for 2014. This Jacket is waterproof, rainproof and comes standard with all of the features you would expect out of any quality outfitter style Jacket. If all that was not E
Browning Strike Force and Dark Ops Trail Cameras | 2014 ATA Show

Browning Strike Force and Dark Ops Trail Cameras

Browning releases some very impressive cameras at the 2014 ATA Show. These cameras are some of the smallest cameras on the Market. With 10MP, HD Videos, IR Illumination and Lightning fast 0.67 trigger speed these cameras are sure to be a hit. If all that
Mathews Creed XS Bow Review

Mathews Creed XS Bow Review

For some bowhunters, the release of the 2014 Mathews Creed XS may feel a lot like déjà least on paper. However, the follow up to last year’s highly popular model is anything but the same bow with a different name. Sure, there are similarities bet
Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Spray | ATA Show 2014

Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Spray

Also look for the companies highly popular Deer Cane in a new liquid, spray formula. This new spray also has GLO Cote meaning you can spray foliage that is up off the ground making it even easier for deer to find your attractant. The possibilities are rea
Evolved Habitats Dirt Bag | ATA Show 2014

Evolved Habitats Dirt Bag

One of the more interesting ideas to hit food attractants comes from the folks at Evolved Habitat. Their new Dirt Bag food attractant may look brown to the eye but deer see it much differently. Using a special coating process called GLO Cote, the attracta
Masko Hawker | ATA Show 2014

Masko Hawker

Masko Outdoor Gear has one of the most versatile packs on the market with the new Hawker. The key point to this pack is that you can carry all of your gear with you while you are climbing or stalking and when the shot presents itself, you simply detach on
RexPID Broadheads | ATA Show 2014

RexPID Broadheads

Archery has improved their already proven limb dampers with the addition of the Hybrid Limb Damper that has a universal damper and fits limbs anywhere from 5/8 to ¾” spilt and ¾ to 1 inch limbs.

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