An Introduction to Outdoor Photography

It was that time of year that deer hunters across the country dream about; mid-November, overcast, temperatures in the upper 30s and a little breezy.  The weather was perfect.  I was set up downwind of a sanctuary that I knew several bucks felt comfortable moving in and out of during the daylight and, coupled with […]

Summer Trophy Shots

The summer months are a great time slot to hone your photography skills with a bevy of occasions that afford the serious camera buff an opportunity to capture some great trophy shots.  One just needs to have their camera ready and then be observant enough to recognize a good photo op when he or she […]

How To: Taking Quality Bowhunting Harvest Pictures

There is an old cliché amongst deer hunters that following the harvest of a whitetail, “the real work begins.”  This is undoubtedly true; first there is the emotional roller coaster of following a blood trail.  Once we’ve recovered fallen animal, then comes the field dressing, the sometimes rigorous drag out of the woods, then if […]