Arrows & Broadheads: 2015 ATA Live Update


Information on new arrows and broadheads for 2015 live from the ATA Show. Read more…

Gold Tip Kinetic Pro 400 Arrow Review

After returning home from this year’s ATA show the Gold Tip Kinetic carbon arrows were on the top of Read more…

NEW Carbon Express LineJammerPRO & X-Jammer 27 Arrows....

CARBON EXPRESS HITS THE MARK IN COMPETETIVE SHOOTING. Carbon Express Adds Line Jammer Pro® & X-Jammer 27 TM Pro to the successful line of Target Arrows! Flushing, Michigan – Carbon Express, a leader in arrow technology and innovation, introduces the newest addition to their line of target arrows, the Line Jammer ® Pro and the […]

NEW Carbon Express Maxima Arrows for 2011.

CARBON EXPRESS REDEFINES INNOVATION WITH THE NEW MAXIMA LINEUP FEATURING DUAL SPINE WEIGHT FORWARD TECHNOLOGY Flushing, Michigan – Carbon Express, a leader in arrow technology and innovation, introduces four new arrows to the Maxima® Line, specifically designed to maximize the specs that are most important to each class of shooter. These arrows are setting the […]

Beman Bone Collector Arrows Recall

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall on the Beman Bone Collector series of arrows.  It is deemed unsafe and dangerous to use these arrows as they can break when being launched from the bow and impact bystanders and unintended targets.  The staff reminds you to be safe and if […]

Gold Tip Velocity Pro Arrow Shaft Review

Being a long time Gold Tip shooter, I was anxious to get ahold of their new hunting shafts for 2010.  These new Velocity Pro arrows are designed to be a lighter weight hunting arrow highlighted with their brand new light weight components, all while maintaing Gold Tip’s standard of “The toughest arrow you’ll ever shoot”.  In my experiences over the years, […]

NEW Carbon Express Mayhem Arrow!

CARBON EXPRESS® CREATES MAYHEM IN ARCHERY INDUSTRY. New MayhemTM Arrow Performs Like 3 Arrows in 1 Flushing, Michigan – Carbon Express®, a leader in arrow technology and innovation introduces the MayhemTM with K-360o™ Weave Technology. Engineered to deliver the ultimate combination of speed, accuracy and penetration, Mayhem raises the bar and sets a new standard […]

FlatLine SuperLite Carbon by Easton

The shortest distance between two points is a FlatLine. SuperLite Carbon and MicroLite components deliver a flat trajectory straight to the target. FlatLine and New FlatLine Surgical Features Multi-layer wrapped carbon fibers Black, smooth matte finish FlatLine straightness: +/- .003” FlatLine Surgical straightness: +/- .001” Weight tolerance: +/- 2 grains MicroLite Nocks—installed MicroLite Inserts—included Points—sold […]

Introducing the all NEW Velocity by Gold Tip

Gold Tip customers challenged them to engineer a shaft that can increase arrow speed by 15 ft/sec while maintaining gold tip’s legendary toughness. They took on the challenge and are bringing to you VELOCITY. Lighter weight shafts combined with redesigned lighter components deliver kinetic energy and penetrating power to bring down any game. All of […]

Carbon Express Introduces NEW PileDriver Arrow.

NEW HEAVYWEIGHT FROM CARBON EXPRESS® PILES ‘EM UP. New PileDriverTM Series Delivers Ultimate Penetration. FLUSHING, Michigan – Carbon Express®, a leader in arrow technology and innovation, introduces the PileDriverTM and PileDriver™ Hunter. The PileDriver series was designed with one goal in mind – deliver the best penetration of any arrow on the market. The PileDriver […]

Benefits of Arrow Speed

There are many benefits of arrow speed including shooting through gaps or holes, shooting string jum Read more…

Finding The Perfect Arrow

Selecting the right arrow shaft for your hunting setup can make an immediate impact on the way you, Read more…