Evolved Habitats Dirt Bag | ATA Show 2014

Evolved Habitats Dirt Bag

One of the more interesting ideas to hit food attractants comes from the folks at Evolved Habitat. Their new Dirt Bag food attractant may look brown to the eye but deer see it much differently. Using a special coating process called GLO Cote, the attracta
Masko Hawker | ATA Show 2014

Masko Hawker

Masko Outdoor Gear has one of the most versatile packs on the market with the new Hawker. The key point to this pack is that you can carry all of your gear with you while you are climbing or stalking and when the shot presents itself, you simply detach on
RexPID Broadheads | ATA Show 2014

RexPID Broadheads

Archery has improved their already proven limb dampers with the addition of the Hybrid Limb Damper that has a universal damper and fits limbs anywhere from 5/8 to ¾” spilt and ¾ to 1 inch limbs.
Cold Weather Clothing

Cold Weather Clothing

When the weather gets cold, you need to stay warm in the woods or your hunt won’t last long. Luckily for bowhunters, garments have really advanced in the last couple decades. Not long ago, if you wanted to bow hunt in cold weather you only had a couple of
Invisib-Oil | 2014 ATA Show


Invisib-Oil is a product designed for those of us who are sticklers about scent control.  It is not a cover scent or an odor neutralizer, it controls  scent on the “cellular level”. We all shed some skin cells as we go about our business. These cells cont
KTECH MX Series | ATA Show 2014


Look no further than this innovative company to squelch bow noise and vibration.
ATB Scent Dispensing System | 2014 ATA Show

ATB Scent Dispensing System

The ATB Scent Dispensing System puts the scent where it can do the most good  and you won’t even  have to leave  your stand  and track up your hunting area. The system  consists of a patent pending wick/nock system that fits inside  an ATB vented arrow th
Plank Folding Cutting Board | 2014 ATA Show

Plank Folding Cutting Board

The only thing handier than a good cutting board around hunting camp is a good cutting board that doesn’t take up a lot of space when it is time to pack up. The new Plank Folding Cutting Boards from Seth McGinn’s (manufacturer of  Can Cookers) are as easy
Danner Gila Boots | 2014 ATA Show

Danner Gila Boots

Launching in the fall of 2014, Danner introduces the Gila boot. Modeled after a Danner style built for military operators in the rugged terrain of Afghanistan, the Gila is designed for alpine style hunting or anywhere steep “side hill” traversing is the n
Wasp Vesta Lighted Nock | 2014 ATA Show

Wasp Vesta Lighted Nock

Lighted Nocks are all the rage and Wasp broadheads have decided to join the lighted revolution. Featuring an LED light that activates only when you release the arrow and weighing in at 22 grains, the Vesta will not affect your accuracy. It is available in
Under Armour Rut Suit | 2014 ATA Show

Under Armour Rut Suit

Anyone familiar with Under Armour knows that their clothing lineup is warm. Perhaps their warmest outfit for bowhunters is the Rut suit. I’ve used it extensively and can attest for its performance. For 2014, the Rut comes with ColdGear Infrared Technology
Scent-Lok Full Season Velocity | 2014 ATA Show

Scent-Lok Full Season Velocity

Scent-Lok's most popular system has been redesigned with even greater features for your mid-season hunts.  The Full Season Velocity is treated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish to repel water without sacrificing performance.  A new textured fleece
Game Plan Long Haul | 2014 ATA Show

Game Plan Long Haul

This pack system is a must for the avid ground blind hunter - The Long Haul will fit your ground blind, chairs, and it has a shelf on top for your decoys titled the "Decoy Attic."  The welded seem lines are more durable than sewing and can hold hefty load

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