Axion Archery Limb Damper

Posted by: Josh Sturgill on Jan 6, 2014

This damper has been specifically designed for split limb bows and crossbows. It will reduce the noise and vibration generated in today's bows resulting in a quieter and more accurate shot. It comes in three different models the Rubber Mount 3 oz, Rubber Mount 2.4 oz, and the Bolt on 2.4 oz. It also features a Mathews harmonic stabilizer.


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Josh Sturgill
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Re: Axion Archery Limb Damper #
i have seen and heard the results of this dampener and it is terrific it will be on my next bow quiet, assorbsthe shock, dead in the hand the best
Posted by rich whitner on 1/8/2014 2:08:11 PM

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