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Posted by: Patrick Meitin on Sep 10, 2013
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It seems to escape many bowmen that the nock, such an outwardly insignificant part of the big archery picture, can have such a direct effect on arrow accuracy and bowhunting success.  Variations at the tail-end of an arrow always affect accuracy more dramatically than those at the front, making nock alignment even more important to accuracy and repeatable impact than arrow straightness.  Those of us old enough to remember glue-on nocks – and 11-degree tapers applied to cedar arrows with “pencil-sharpener” cutting tools, or swaged nock cones as a decades-long aluminum-arrow standard -- likely have more insight in this area.  A crookedly-cut wood-arrow taper, a sloppy nock glue-up job on swaged-end aluminums, resulted in “flyers” that refused to group with other arrows in the quiver, more importantly, made reliable broadhead tuning all but impossible.


Lighted nocks are an important tool to arrow recovery and determining shot placement after release.  Carbon Express’ LaunchPad Precision Lighted Nock provides those benefits in a more accurate and lighter package. 

Very few bowhunters outside the hard-core traditional set use glue-on nocks today, but this doesn’t make nock alignment, and overall quality, any less important.  It may seem obvious with just a moment’s reflection, but the nock, after all, is the very last contact point between you, your bow and a released arrow.  To promote top-notch accuracy, whether target shooting or bowhunting with broadheads, bowstring-to-nock interface during the violent transfer of energy initiating launch, and bowstring separation, must remain 100 percent consistent.  Any small deviation occurring during this all-important phase of every bow shot results in slight differences in arrow impact at short ranges, those gaps widening exponentially as ranges stretch -- or when fixed-blade broadheads are part of the equation, no matter the range.  Hold that thought.


Carbon Express’ LaunchPad Precision Lighted Nocks are a great tuning tool, the smallest deviation from laser-straight flight quickly traced through the bright LED light in dim shooting conditions.

The Importance Of Nock Fit
A big part of nit-pick accuracy has always included using the same nock brand and model on every single arrow in your quiver.  Too, precise serving diameter is also important in the overall formula.  Too tight and nock separation will occur much later in the launch, negatively affecting accuracy.  Too loose and a sloppily interface between string and nock results in slight variations in arrow attitude during each launch, in addition to proving annoying, arrows slipping up and down the serving or falling off completely at inopportune times.  The nock should snap onto the serving firmly, just tight enough so you can lightly tap the serving without dislodging the arrow, but loose enough that the nock can still be slid up and down the bowstring serving by applying light side pressure to the arrow nock.  After discovering an ideal serving diameter make notes, using a micrometer if necessary, so you can recreate identical serving diameter should serving become worn after prolonged shooting and require replacement, or should an older bow require complete string and buss-cable replacement.  It should also go without saying accuracy consistency also depends on using only nocks manufactured to stringent specifications by proven makers. Now hold that thought.

Introducing Carbon Express LaunchPad Precision Arrow Nocks
Carbon Express has made nock choice easier in 2013 -- at least for those demanding only the best, most accurate hunting-arrow nocks in the industry.  The all-new Carbon Express LaunchPad Precision Arrow Nock is engineered to provide a precision launch base from today’s modern compound bows, for maximum transfer of energy and truest flight and downrange accuracy.  LaunchPad Precision Arrow Nocks were engineered after significant input from professional shooters, controlled testing and advanced high-speed camera analysis.  Designers also took the time to test all the nocks available on the market today and studied trends in current compound-bow string technology to help determine the perfect fit and requirements to create the ideal nock.  Applying this new-found knowledge, Carbon Express engineers had to then formulate special manufacturing processes that consistently replicated the most desired characteristics into each and every nock that came off the line.

Carbon Express’ LaunchPad Precision Nocks are a more precise and accurate nock allowing any shooter to achieve tighter groups and gain more shooting confidence.  Each is precisely made to exacting tolerances.

LaunchPad Precision Arrow Nocks include precision bowstring contact points in the nock valley and at the throat opening to provide better control and a more consistent transfer of energy for added launch consistency.  The precision-aligned nock stem is perfectly symmetrical, providing a balanced base to promote truer rotation and flight.  Finally, the concentric design ensures the nock centers itself in the arrow perfectly for more consistent accuracy.  The overall design also assures .001-inch, four-axis straightness (specs less than a third of the thickness of a sheet of office paper) on all LaunchPad Precision Nocks.  
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