Soybean Food Plots: Part 1

Posted by: Clinton Fawcett on Jun 3, 2013
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Every spring and summer the questions are the same. "Why were you late for my brother's graduation party?"  "Why are you so tired at work today?" "Why is the grass in your yard two feet tall?"  "Why did you buy my Mother's Day present at Menards?" The answer to all of the above is………SOYBEANS.

When Steve Flores, Senior Editor at, asked if I would like to write a series of articles for our readers I said "Sure, why not”. If there is one topic that I feel comfortable writing about its food plots. In fact, I can talk food plot design and strategy all day.  I was given four specific deadlines for the articles. Of course, as I am writing this, my deadline has already passed. Why am I late? SOYBEANS!

From the time I start to plant food plots in the spring until I quit hunting in the fall, soybeans are the center of my food plot plan. It has been a wet spring here in the Midwest, so when it finally dried up two weeks ago Frank (my hunting partner) and I started to work on plots; which unfortunately put this article on the backburner (just for a while). I couldn’t help it. After all, the one thing that’s going to help us be successful in the fall is SOYBEANS.


If you plant it they will come. The author and his hunting partner have a proven method for bringing bucks within bow –range.

First Things First
Throughout my series of articles I'm going to cover everything you need to know about soybeans; from planting to spraying, and finally, hunting strategies.  So, let’s start with the reasons that I love beans.
1. They are very easy to grow.
2. They are inexpensive.
3. They can be planted clear until July.
4. They provide great nutrition during the summer and late winter.


Soybeans have a host of advantages over other food-plot options; many of which bowhunters will find easy on the wallet….that is until the taxidermy bill arrives.

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Clinton Fawcett

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Re: Soybean Food Plots: Part 1 #
Great article Clinton! I put down soybeans for the first time this year and have been really suprised at the results. They will definitely bring the deer in! Can't wait to hunt over them come October.
Posted by Jeremy Yancey on 6/3/2013 8:33:52 PM

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