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Posted by: Tracy Breen on May 7, 2013
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When you look at an arrow shaft, it doesn’t look very sophisticated. In fact, if you look at an old cedar shaft from one hundred years ago and compare it to a carbon arrow of today, it doesn’t look like much has changed over the course of one hundred years. When you compare bows of years ago to bows of today, there have been dramatic leaps forward in technology.  It’s easy to see how technology has affected bows.  Yet, seeing how technology has impacted arrows is a bit more difficult but arrows have come a long way.  The technology advancements are hard to see because the technology is hidden inside the shaft.  I recently interviewed Lennie Rezmer from Carbon Express arrows about arrow technology and their newest arrow, the Carbon Express Maxima Red.  After our conversation, I realized you can learn about the science behind the arrows.


Today's carbon arrows are leaps and bounds ahead of those made only a short time ago. As a result, bowhunters are filling more tags and shooting more accurate than ever before. Pictured here is the all new Carbon Express Maxima Red.
If you buy a dozen arrows, you want each arrow to fly the same way.  Whether you are practicing in the backyard or in the field hunting, you don’t have to worry about making a bad shot because of an inconsistent arrow.  Carbon Express goes to great lengths to ensure their arrows are uniform and virtually perfect.  That’s not to say you won’t encounter a bad arrow occasionally, but as a rule when you buy a dozen arrows, they are all identical.  “In our production process, we have sophisticated equipment for testing our arrows,” Rezmer said.  “We have machines that test the static spine of the arrows, the straightness of the arrows and the weight of the arrows. So, when someone buys our arrows, they get arrows with tight tolerances, resulting in better accuracy for bowhunting or target archery purposes.  We do the most sophisticated arrow production testing in the industry.” 

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Tracy Breen

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