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Posted by: Dustin DeCroo on May 30, 2013
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Spring means different things to different people. However, to me it means turkeys, fly fishing and new bowhunting accessories.  As the temperature warms I always seem to find myself itching to try out a new sight or maybe even an arrow rest.  This year, I was immediately intrigued by the CBE (Custom Bow Equipment) Tek-Hybrid sight; a sight with multiple pins and the sliding feature for shooting long range. I ask “Does it get much better than that”? Here is my in-depth review of the CBE Tek-Hybrid bow sight.


The CBE Tek-Hybrid sight is a tough, well-built sight that many bowhunters will enjoy.

First Impressions

At first glance, there are several features that have been incorporated into this sight that I am elated to see. These include: Off-set mounting holes to raise or lower the mounting position, tool-less micro-adjustable sight housing, five bright pins, slider capability, rheostat light, 3rd-axis leveling and the list goes on.

Long-distance shooters don’t have to choose a single-pin movable sight in order to avoid “overcrowding” their sight housing. The Tek-Hybrid takes care of this for you.

Personally, I enjoy shooting at long distances during practice. However, I refuse to use a single adjustable pin sight for hunting.  That meant that my only option was to have a sight with lots of pins (like seven)….until now.  The CBE successfully combines a target-style adjustable sight with the toughness and multiple pin options of hunting sights.

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Dustin DeCroo

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2 Comments on "Gear Review: CBE TEK Hybrid"

Re: Gear Review: CBE TEK Hybrid #
I'm shooting the same sight (3 pin version) and agree with everything you said, but did have a few more items I think they could have done to make the sight even better. - Laser etched indicators on the windage adjustment. After having these on my Axcel Armortech they come in handy when making minor windage adjustments while sighting in. - Micro adjustable pins. Being able to adjust pins ever so slightly without worrying about sliding them too far is a very nice feature I wish this sight had. I feel like I took a small step back with this pin setup. - Better protection for the fibers. I'm a fan of my fibers being covered from end to end, and there's a little too much exposure between the base of the pin and where it goes through the housing for my liking. It may never actually be a problem, but some extra peace of mind never hurt anyone. With that said, this is a great sight and I highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a fixed pin/adjustable combination sight. For whi
Posted by Justin Zarr on 5/31/2013 11:20:18 AM
Re: Gear Review: CBE TEK Hybrid #
I have this sight all set up. I had to set it up twice to get it set the right way for me. But over all I really feel like they hit a "X" with this one. There are a few things like Justin and Dustin mentioned that I completely agree with. But the over all for me is I can easily shoot targets out to 100 yrds and go right back to my standard 3 pin for hunting. Great review Dustin
Posted by mihael Pearce on 6/3/2013 11:31:55 AM

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