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Posted by: Josh Sturgill on Mar 25, 2013
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As my legs start to turn to Jell-O, the sweat rolls off the end of my nose like the condensation on a large glass of sweet tea in the summer heat. I decide to push through one more thicket on the side of the steep, briar covered mountain in the hopes that all of my hard work would not be in vain. I am looking for that perfect spot where all of the deer trails intersect, where the old rubs and scrapes are plentiful, and the straightest tree with just the right amount of cover to hide me from the scanning eyes of that monster buck. 

As the last briar pulls at my clothes and I step into the opening on a nice little flat…..I find what I am looking for.  This spot has everything that I had hoped for. After an hour of trying to get my hang on stand positioned perfectly, I am finally finished. As I start to pack my gear I know there is only one task to complete…..make my mock scrape. As I start to scan the area I realize my perfect spot is missing one key ingredient. There is no suitable “licking” branch to start the mock scrape process.


In today's whitetail world, bowhunters are constantly searching for that next item that will increase their odds of success.

It always seems no matter how hard we scout and no matter how perfect the area, there is always just that one component missing. Luckily for me, I remembered a product that I had seen at one of the recent outdoor shows that could solve this problem. It was called the Lick'n Branch by Whitetail'R. It was one of those products that was just so simple but could make all of the difference in my newly found area. Recently, I decided to give Scott Matheson, one of the owners of Whitetail'R, a call to find out more about his products and his company.

Q: Tell me how you got started in this business?
A: In 2009, my brother and I sat down and started talking about business and different opportunities. We talked about how cool it would be to initiate an archery company that would encompass everybody. If you are a Whitetail'R you are one of us regardless of where you are from. We wanted to build a culture around that idea and in turn create products.  Over the years we have met some very good, everyday archers that had come up with good solutions to problems we all had. We helped turn those ideas into quality products.  It's our way to give back to the industry and try to develop products that will make a difference. These are not just normal products either. Our products are radically different.

Brothers Scott and Chris Matheson take a different approach to how they run their business; one that focuses primarily on the customer’s needs and wants.

Q: What is your background?
A: In the late 70s, I started out as an independent dealer in Madison, WI. I have spent 30+ years in the industry; the majority of which was in retail. I was fortunate enough to be the first designated retail buyer for Gander Mountain in the late 80s. From there, I went on to develop a whole team of buyers and merchants for them.

Q: Tell me a little about product development. 
A: A lot of our products are conceived through personal experiences amongst our best friends and customers and by listening to problems that they are trying to resolve. As a result, we try to come up with different solutions to these issues or problems. Basically, that is the core of what we do. It's an endless search for perfection.


Once a product has been conceived and actually manufactured, it ends up here (the packing area) before it heads out to a customer.

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Josh Sturgill

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