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Posted by: Brodie Swisher on Mar 18, 2013
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When I first jumped into the world of turkey hunting, several decades ago, I couldn’t get enough of all the cool gear that came with being an avid turkey hunter.  Growing up in the south, the standard turkey gear included: a cheap foam hen decoy, turkey vest, at least one of every style of call imaginable, OD green LaCrosse rubber knee-boots (with yellow-trim top), and a big can of Off mosquito repellant.  These were the must-have items that serious turkey hunters wouldn’t leave the house without. 

In those days I chased gobblers with a shotgun. I spent plenty of time trying to find the best shotgun load for killing a bird stone-cold dead at the standard turkey killin’ distance….40 yards. However, I honestly don’t remember the last time I toted a shotgun to the woods in the spring; nowadays, I bowhunt for these ugly-headed birds. And when bowhunting for turkeys, everything changes. Forty-yard shots at birds are no longer my goal. I now like them standing at less than ten when I drop the string. This month we’ll look at the “must have” tools of trade for the bowhunting turkey hunter as we get tuned up for opening day. 

The Setup
These days my turkey setup looks much different than it was in the early years. I quickly saw that the turkey vest seemed to become more of a hindrance than a handy tool. I learned early on that the multitude of obnoxious pockets on many of the vests were quick to get in the way of my bowstring upon release. The butt cushion became of little value as I preferred to post up on my knees for greater mobility at full draw when the shot opportunities came. And while I loved the unique challenge of bowhunting without the use of a blind, my experiences led me to believe that the use of a portable pop-up ground blind was a much deadlier method.

The author drew on this bird while he was facing the blind at just 4 yards, thanks to the concealment of a Double Bull blind.

When I swapped the turkey vest for the Double Bull blind, my tags began to get punched every spring. The Primos Double Bull Double Wide Door (primos.com) ground blind offers ample room and easier access than anything else I’ve found.  Last spring, while blacked out in the Double Bull blind, I came to full draw on four different birds facing the blind at less than eight yards.  It blows me away each season when I rediscover how much movement you can get away with while hunting from the blind. 

Quick and quiet access in and out of the blind is now possible with the Primos Double Bull Doube Wide Door blind.

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