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Posted by: Steve Flores on Feb 10, 2013
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As a passionate bowhunter I often look back at seasons past and reflect on certain aspects of each. Whether it is the actual hunt itself, time spent physically preparing for the hunt, making memories with family and friends or simply getting a few feet closer to God, each facet is special and truly adds to the overall experience. Coincidently, these moments in my bowhunting career all have one thing in common…..the bow in my hand is a Mathews.

For instance, my first mature “Mountain Whitetail” fell to a Black Max, my first Canadian Black Bear an Ultra 2, my first P&Y buck, and largest to date…..the Switchback. I could go on, but needless to say, just like my bowhunting memories there are certain characteristics of each Mathews bow that has added to my enjoyment and overall hunting experiences throughout the years. But, what does all of that have to do with the new flagship bow? Well, plenty.
You see, for 2013 Mathews has taken the best attributes from some of their most popular bows of all time and merged them into one extraordinary package. That package, the all new Creed, doesn’t just focus on a single characteristic in which to win over a small percentage of shooters. Instead, it appeals to the masses by being everything you could want……all in a single hunting bow.

A Different Approach
Mathews is no stranger to thinking outside the box. In fact, some of the greatest advancements in the archery world can be credited to Matt McPherson and the rest of his employees in Sparta, WI. So, it should come as no surprise that 2013 unveils yet another great bow in a long line of great bows. However, the approach to this year’s offering differs from anything Mathews has previously done.


Mathews' new flagship bow is the result of 2 decades worth of innovation and technology wrapped up in one sweet shooting package.

The Mathews Creed was built using a synergistic approach; meaning different components of the bow have been brought together from other bows to create an enhanced effect. That effect is essentially a superior shooting experience. From day one that has been Matt McPherson’s goal; to continually improve the shooting experience for anyone holding a Mathews in their hand. The all new Creed proves that he still believes in that goal. With over 20 years of innovative design and development poured into one bow there are a lot of features to cover…, let’s get started.

Accurate Platform
Historically, long ATA lengths have gone hand in hand with accurate shooting bows. However, over the years bows have continually gotten shorter and shorter. Lost in the mix has been, to some degree, accuracy. But, the Creed is different. With an overall riser length of 26 ½ inches (which is only 3 ½ inches shorter than the 30 inch axle-to-axle length of the bow), the Creed definitely has accuracy in its DNA. And, despite its length, the riser on the Creed won’t weigh you down, thanks to the lightweight, rigid GeoGrid Lock Riser design.


The riser design on the Creed may look cool, but what it actually does for the shooter is even cooler.

First introduced on the Helim in 2012, the GeoGrid Lock design features strategically machined geometric cutouts that make the Creed one of the lightest bows on the market while also boosting the overall strength-to-weight ratio of the riser. In addition, thanks to the rigid nature of the GeoGrid Lock design, the riser also resists torsion and flex; thus, making it more accurate.  When you combine the stretched dimensions of the riser with the GeoGrid Lock design, what you get is a bow that not only shots accurately, but feels remarkably balanced at rest or at full draw. No one can argue that balanced accuracy spells bad medicine for big game.

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Steve Flores

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