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Posted by: Tracy Breen on Jan 16, 2013
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Most bowhunters, including myself, go through some type of bowhunting withdrawal after the hunting season closes.  Some of us watch hunting videos; others go kill a few squirrels or pheasants; and others mope around counting the days until turkey season arrives.  Instead of sitting around this winter, join a local archery league.
The winter is a popular time of year for indoor archery leagues because many of us in the Midwest (and even in the east) don’t want to shoot outside when it is so cold. Thus, we go inside to shoot.  Luckily, there are a variety of different types of archery leagues available for winter shooting.  The most popular are 3D leagues, spot leagues and techno-hunt leagues.


The off-season is a great time to get out and join a league in order to keep shooting skills polished.

When participating in a 3D league, archers shoot at a variety of 3D targets.  The amount of space a pro shop has will determine the shooting distances.  Some large indoor ranges have moving targets, varied yardages and even obstacles (like trees) between you and the target to simulate real hunting.  Archers who choose to participate in a 3D league should become familiar with the type of targets being used. 


Shooting at 3D targets more closely mimics real hunting scenerio's.

Every brand of 3D target has the vitals placed in a slightly different area.  Knowing exactly where the vitals are on the type of target being shot will help you achieve a higher score.  Pro archers who shoot in 3D tournaments typically use “flash cards” that show the vitals on the animals. This way, shooters knows exactly where to aim.  However, the spot you aim at on a target and the spot you aim at on a live animal are much different. 

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Tracy Breen

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Re: Winter Shooting Leagues #
I have never shot in a league but this makes a lot of sense! I think the techno hunts would be especially cool.
Posted by Jeremy Yancey on 1/16/2013 8:39:35 PM

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