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Posted by: Josh Sturgill on Jul 9, 2012
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Question: What is the biggest mistake hunters make when using the full body harness?

Answer: The biggest mistake hunters make is not staying attached to the tree from the time they leave the ground until they come back down. They think just because they are wearing a harness, they are okay as long as they secure themselves once they have reached their tree stand.  The fact is, most falls don’t occur while sitting in the stand. In fact, 86% of the accidents occur on the climb, descent or initial set up or moving of the stand. That is why we have introduced the Tree Stand Life Line. It gives hunters the security of being attached to a safety device throughout the entire process.

Question: What makes hunters more likely to use HSS over other safety devises available?

Answer: They are more likely to use our product because of the ease of use. Our loop system design eliminates weave through buckles and dangling straps, which is what our customers have asked for. Also, our system is lighter as well. The harness will come in at two pounds while our vests will be right at two and one half pounds. This is great for the hunters that have to carry a lot of gear or walk a long way to get to their stands.


Lady Hunters are the fastest growing group in the outdoors today. Look no further than the Lady Pro for that special Female-Hunter in your life. 

Question: What features of the vests and harnesses are you most proud of, from a company standpoint?

Answer: There are several features we are proud of. The loop system which allows our product to remain tangle free is one. Also, our Pro series vest has eight pockets which bow hunters absolutely love. And for the bowhunter that doesn’t want to carry extra weight, we offer the Ultra-Light Harness which is a great addition to our product line. All of our units also come with a lineman's climbing strap, whereas most companies sell that as an additional accessory. Lastly, we have recently added binocular straps to our Pro Series, Ultra-Light Extreme and our Lady Pro Series safety systems.

Question: What types of Quality Assurance testing do you perform on your products to make sure they are safe for consumers?

Answer: In order to be certified to TMA standards, there are two independent testing laboratories that all of our products must be sent to. Once our products get to these facilities, they go through a battery of rigorous tests in order to ensure our products meet and exceed the TMA guidelines. We also do a lot of various random testing here at our office as we receive products into our warehouse. For instance, John will grab products right off of the shelf and then subject them to a series of tests that are above and beyond what is required by the TMA.  We do this to make sure our products are without a doubt safe for anyone that uses them.

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