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Posted by: Bowhunting Contributor on Dec 20, 2012
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Written by contributor Brodie Swisher

As the cold months of winter begin to make outdoor adventure opportunities fewer and farther between, the draw of staying home and close to the fire becomes more and more attractive.  But don’t hang up your bow just yet!  Ample wintertime archery opportunities abound for those looking to get a jumpstart on spring hunting preparation.  Winter archery leagues and 3D shoots offer the perfect opportunity to keep you in the game long after the snow flies.

Winter Indoor Archery Opps

Many local archery pro-shops offer winter indoor archery leagues to help shooters escape the days of cabin fever.  These shops typically offer a variety of options for varying age, gender, and weapon.  My hometown archery shop use to host a traditional shooters league on Monday night and compound league on Thursday nights.  Staggered 3D targets offered shot opportunities at distances of 15-25 yards from both ground level as well as an elevated shooting deck.  At the end of the night the shop hosted several novelty shoots for anyone that cared to join in on the fun.

One of the shop favorites was the “Dollar Shoot”.  It was an elimination shoot and at the end of the final round, the winner went home with a wad of cash. It was a fun league and a great way to get out of the cold and into some great archery fellowship with guys and gals with a like-passion for archery and bowhunting.  Check your local archery pro-shops for opportunities to be a part of any leagues they may have.  Fees are typically minimal, and the fun you’ll have is quite contagious.


Wintertime 3D shoots are a great opportunity to prepare for spring turkey season.

Jason Prince, co-host of Trophy State of Mind TV show on the Sportsman Channel, says some of his favorite winter shoots have been at leagues that featured unique twists on deciding the winner.  “I’ve shot winter 3D leagues that included shooting blind scores, where two shooters were randomly picked and their scores were combined for money payback.  It was really fun!  You never really knew who was going to win.”  Prince also mentions that these winter shoots are a great way too for a shooter to work on their form and aiming.  Jason’s favorite winter shoot is the Winter National in Phoenix, AZ in February. 

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