Real World Rut Tactics

Posted by: Bowhunting Contributor on Nov 11, 2012
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Tools of the Trade

My favorite tools for staying mobile as I hunt the rut are my Primos Double Bull ground blinds and a climbing treestand.  Laziness rarely lends itself to results in the hunting woods.  That is why we often sit the same stand over and over rather than taking the time to move our set to a more likely location.  A climbing treestand in the back of the truck allows me to move at a moment’s notice.  In a matter of minutes I can be where the deer activity is the hottest.  It may simply be moving my stand 100 yards to get in the middle of the funnel.  A climbing stand allows me to quickly and quietly stay in the action.


Even the biggest bodied bucks in the woods will make a mistake during the rut.

When the perfect tree is unavailable for a stand, or when wind direction won’t cooperate, I put my ground blind to work for me. Few things can compare to an eye-level whitetail rut hunt.  Like the climbing treestand, a ground blind allows you mobile concealment at a moment’s notice.  You can quickly and quietly move it as well, and it sure makes all-day sits much more enjoyable as you can safely sit, eat, nap, or move about without being detected. 

Get into a big buck’s core area this season and plan to sit all day.  Stay mobile as changing deer activity calls for different stand sets, and you’ll be in the hot-seat for what could be your greatest rut hunt yet!  The beauty of hunting the rut is that you just never know what God will bring your way with each morning during the rut.  You just gotta be there!

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3 Comments on "Real World Rut Tactics"

Re: Real World Rut Tactics #
I can totally relate to this article. Well done. Look forward to part 2-3
Posted by Mike Obryan on 11/12/2012 4:21:56 PM
Re: Real World Rut Tactics #
How to use the myCampmate app to plan and coordinate your hunting trips I never hunt without this!! Check it out!
Posted by Tyler on 11/21/2012 3:39:00 PM
Re: Real World Rut Tactics #
Well said. I've been thinking the same thoughts for the majority of my hunting career.
Posted by Tradition Outdoors on 11/22/2012 9:10:10 PM

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