Bow or Gun....Should We Share The Woods?

Posted by: Bowhunting Contributor on Oct 21, 2012
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Story contributed by Brodie Swisher

Thinking back over some of my proudest moments in the deer woods, I often stumble across those cold, mid-November moments in the treestand when I’ve stuck it out with archery tackle and found success.  I remember one year in particular, when I had been somewhat scolded for continuing to hunt with my bow, despite the fact that the General Hunting Season was now in full swing and I’d be “competing against the gun hunters.” 

Shortly after dawn, as the first shots of the morning began to echo across the countryside, I remember for a brief moment questioning my sanity in packing a short-range weapon when the opportunities to reach out further were wide open.  I thought about the scoffers.  I thought about those that had said, “You’re an idiot! oughta be hunting with a rifle!”  And at that moment, while soaking up the beauty of another cold and frosty morning in the deer woods, I was reminded of why it is that I continue to return to the woods with my bow in hand…even in the midst of a general hunting season. 

I thought about the fact that for me it is a passion…not an obsession.  I bowhunt because of the challenge to get “closer”.  I don’t want to become an obsessed and out of control hunter that will do anything, at any cost, just to make a kill.  I love the method in which I choose to punch my tags.  There’s a satisfaction that comes with my bowhunting success that I’ve never felt when hunting with a firearm.


Does a requirement to choose a bow or gun helping or hurting the future of hunting?

There’s an intimacy with God’s creation that can only be experienced when you get up close and personal with that animal.  When an animal is within range of the top pin, you see, hear, and smell things you never knew existed!  That is why I bowhunt. That’s why I grow increasingly alarmed when I see and hear discussion from hunters pushing for bowhunters to be booted out of what some would choose to refer to as “firearm season.”  I recently had the question presented to me, “Should archery equipment be allowed during firearm season?  Is it fair?

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9 Comments on "Bow or Gun....Should We Share The Woods?"

Re: Bow or Gun....Should We Share The Woods? #
Absolutely should be allowed during rifle season. As long as the regulations are that you were your orange. Won't catch me out in the woods during rifle season without orange even if I'm just going out to check cameras on private land where there isn't supposed to be anybody else. My dad makes fun of me. Last year I went out during rifle season with my bow probably will again this year. I love rifles but the bow just feels right and the kill is much more satisfying.
Posted by frantic29 on 10/22/2012 4:26:58 PM
Re: Bow or Gun....Should We Share The Woods? #
What is your opinion on muzzle loader coming in the middle of archery season as it does in PA? I don't know how many other states this applies to.
Posted by CSwo777 on 10/22/2012 10:40:54 PM
Re: Bow or Gun....Should We Share The Woods? #
To get so close to a deer just makes your heart race and there is no better feeling in the world than to get a white-tailed deer with a bow. i use a browning backdraft and its my first year using it. i went out sunday and shot a nice 6 point buck at 30 yards no problem
Posted by ronald picken on 10/22/2012 11:08:56 PM
Re: Bow or Gun....Should We Share The Woods? #
Bow or Gun, hunting is about getting out into the woods and becoming one with mother nature and sharing the passion of hunting and the outdoors with our loved ones. Not to mention escaping the real world (wives) for a few hours!
Posted by Nick on 10/24/2012 12:26:26 PM
Re: Bow or Gun....Should We Share The Woods? #
How could using a bow during gun season be considered unfair? If you choose to handicap yourself, then it's your choice. Laws permitting, hunt with whatever you want, whenever you want. I personally like the different types of challenges that each type of weapon presents. While there's nothing like trying to come to full draw on a buck @ 15 paces, there's also a sense of pride and satisfaction in centering a 3x9 scope behind the shoulder of a buck at 200 yards and making a perfect shot. For me, ones not better than the other- just different. I'll be hunting with a .44 revolver for the first time ever this year as well. A whole new challenge.
Posted by dnoodles on 10/25/2012 10:20:26 PM
Re: Bow or Gun....Should We Share The Woods? #
During the gun season if a person has the skill to get close enough to his pray then by all means they should be able to pick their weapon. During Bow season which usually starts before gun season Deer are not usually too alarmed and allow a hunter to get close. This is a time to leave guns including Muzzle Loaders at home.
Posted by Ron on 10/26/2012 2:33:15 AM
Re: Bow or Gun....Should We Share The Woods? #
I feel that just being in the woods out in nature is what its all about. Gun or bow. I do believe that bow hunting is more exciting and more fulfilling. Regardless though of what method used, hunting can be enjoyed by any means of weaponry.
Posted by benhunting341 on 11/12/2012 9:34:46 PM
Re: Bow or Gun....Should We Share The Woods? #
I prefer to hunt with my bow; however, i really dont care what others hunt with, throw knives for all i care.
Posted by Johngray on 11/23/2012 4:33:29 PM
Re: Bow or Gun....Should We Share The Woods? #
What about handgun hunters? Our range isn't necessarily all that much longer than a bow, so we'd also have to get nice and close.
Posted by Rob on 11/25/2012 6:58:42 PM

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