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Whitetail Buck versus Bucket! Captured on trailcam?

by Bow Staff 6. April 2009 09:58
Bow Staff

Imagine if you will, for just a moment, its archery deer season. You are in your treestand, perched over your favorite funnel where so many whitetails have met their maker. Its early morning still as the sun’s rays just peak over the eastern skies. The air is cool and the wind is calm. An almost perfect morning waits it’s unfolding. You slowly stand now; making sure the bow’s within reach, stretching your anxious legs.

In the distance you catch a faint glimpse of an object moving through the low brush. You know instantly what it is… a deer! Time dwindles by as the darker shadow grows larger now and the picture more clear… it’s a… it’s a… a buck??

Your hand already has grasped your bow, feet already moved into position. But to your own surprise something is just not right before you. You see the long tines of a buck as he nears, but something doesn’t seem correct. “Is that a raccoon in his rack”? You mumble to yourself, as you begin staring more intently at the now even closer deer.

As he passes within range your bow surprises you at full draw, and you don’t even know how it got there. Your pin finds the mark, settling just behind the buck’s shoulder. A moment later you release the deer’s final breath, and a mere 40 yards later, the buck falls.

Of course the story above is entirely false, but we at wonder what it might be like for such an animal to walk into our woods. What our reaction would be? What your reaction might be?

Do you shoot? Do you pass? Would the entire experience throw you for such a loop that it would cause the entire opportunity to just completely pass you by?

Our answers might different from yours, but we all agree that if any of us had an opportunity to take this buck and successfully did; we’d have a mount on our walls with a 5 gallon bucket still clutched within it’s rack. Cause, why wouldn’t you? What a story that would tell!

What would you do if such an animal, a whitetail buck complete with bucket, presented such a shot?

                                                                                                                                                                                       If this whitetail buck presented you with a shot... would you take it?
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