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"The Bone Collector" television program gets BIG ratings.

by Bow Staff 23. February 2009 12:55
Bow Staff

One of 2009’s most anticipated new hunting television series, “The Bone Collectors”, reaches more viewers than first predicted in its introductory month. Much of the staff at believes it’s rightfully deserved, as it has quickly become one of our favorite new shows to watch. Check it out!

Overland Park, KS. - The new Bone Collector Television show on the Outdoor Channel has taken off to a flying start in its first month on the air. The show was rated #1 on the entire network, reaching 908,000 unique households during the month of January with a gross Nielsen rating of 3.07.

Hosts Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt, and Travis "T-Bone" Turner take the Outdoor Channel viewers across the globe in the enthralling, always entertaining "warts and all" style that Outdoor Channel viewers have come to know and love. Hunts of all kinds will be represented - bow, muzzleloader, shotgun, and rifle.

Michael Waddell is arguably the outdoor industry's most popular personality, and joining him in hosting Bone Collector is Nick Mundt - field producer, professional guide, and South Dakotan. Waddell and Mundt first met in Wyoming, and their easy-going demeanors and on-camera chemistry make for unforgettable footage. Rounding out the hosting brotherhood is Travis "T-Bone" Turner, the go-to-guy for anything archery, a constant cut-up, and the man with the uncanny ability to consistently take home big game.

The Bone Collector airs on the Outdoor Channel Sundays at 9:30 pm, Wednesdays at 1:00 am and Thursdays at 5:00 pm, Eastern time.

The staff of wants to know your opinion of the new television program, “Bone Collectors”. What are some of the things you like or dislike about this new series? As always, please leave your comments below. Thank you.

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