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Green Fields, Rut Preperation, Scrapes & Deer Photos!

by Todd Graf 18. October 2008 09:00
Todd Graf

Man are we getting to close to the best time of the year for us Bow hunters. We are weeks away from when the big boys come out of hiding. It never seems to amaze me as it starts getting closer to the rut how the giants start to show themselves. You might not see them during the daylight hours just yet, but they do start increasing their home range. If you're a trail camera user you will start to see a lot more activity. Also don't just assume these big boys are going for corn, as most of bucks at this time are still eating greens - clover, alfalfa and newly growing winter wheat. The last two larger bucks I have seen this year were coming and going from a green field.


The buck I lost earlier this year was heading right to this green field. So don't under estimate them! As the temperature starts to get cooler it will then change to hunting over corn fields.

Get your TRAIL CAMERAS OUT NOW and buy some extra batteries because this is the time when you will start getting the best pictures.

One of my favorite spots is over looking a large scrape, at some point in time you will get some great photos, generally the few weeks prior to the hard core rut is when I have my best action.


Yes - I am ridiculous.  I love trail cameras and getting all of the photos. I sometimes think I would spend all of my money on these things.


Here is a community scrape that is present every year - I get some of my best photos from this spot. Once the camera has been placed I don't like to go back until after the rut. So get the best batteries and as large of cards you can afford.

I got over 150 photos on this scrape. Every year this spot produces a scrape, so it's a natural spot to place a camera. The scrape was not present at the time I put the camera out, but it did not take long and the bucks took care of business. 

Ok - Here are some of the bucks I have seen so far!







Well tommorrow I am off to hunt IL. I have two IL buck tags and 1 rifle tag left for this year. I plan on hunting just about every day for the next 4 weeks. The 20th starts the Grind Time, I have a feeling it's going to be a good year.

Here are a few friends of mine that just sent in some photos as well... 




One Last Thing!!!!

Trespassers - If you come across someone Elses hunting equipment in the woods, LEAVE IT ALONE. This year alone I am down 1 lone wolf alpha plus a set of sticks and 1 Camtrakker digital trail camera. Come on people leave other peoples equipment alone, and respect other peoples property.


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