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Rage 2 Blade Broadhead Review

by John Mueller 5. September 2008 13:51
John Mueller

Rage Two Blade Broadhead Review

I have been using the Rage 2 Blade Broadheads for almost one year now. I believe they are superior to any other broadhead on the market right now.

The Rage 2 Blade Vitals are:

100 grains

¾” Diameter closed

2” Diameter open

2 Blades-.030 thick

Blades fully deployed on impact

Cut on contact tip

3 per pack, plus 1 practice head.

The #1 reason I believe the Rage 2 Blade is the best BH on the market is the 2” entry hole. It is unmatched in the industry. I killed 2 deer with the Rage last year, and the entry holes were the biggest I have ever seen. The exit holes were huge too, but other expandables produce large exit holes. The Rages ability to be fully deployed to its 2” diameter on impact is what puts it in a class by itself.

This is an Entrance Hole!

Even though the Rage is a 2” diameter BH it penetrates much better than other large diameter broadheads. This is due to the fact that the blades open to the rear instead of having to fold over from the front of the head. The loss of kinetic energy is much less with this style of blade deployment. Both of my shots were complete pass throughs with the arrow sticking in the ground on the other side of the animal.

Another thing I like about the Rage is its durability. I have used other 2” diameter mechanical broadheads. Some of those were a 1 time use and throw it away head. The Rage has very sturdy .030 blades and a very strong ferrule. I used the same head to take both of my deer last year. Both shots were complete pass throughs and stuck in the ground. I just sharpened the blades back to a razors edge and that arrow is #1 in my quiver for this fall.

You still need to practice good shot placement and only take ethical shots. But I believe the Rage 2 Blade can help you kill more deer and make finding wounded deer easier, with the large entrance and exit holes and massive blood trails.

This one left a nice short blood trail

They can't go far hit like that!!

You can order the Rage 2 Blade Broadheads online right here at They're $39.99 per pack and in my opinion are well worth the money!  Click here to purchase your Rage 2-Blade broadheads today.


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