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Op. Massive deer tracks captured with two cool trailcam photos!

by Scott Abbott 3. August 2009 03:21
Scott Abbott

Two months into my quest to locate the buck who was leaving some big tracks on my hunting grounds is finally a success.  I had a camera up for two months with no results just some young bucks, does and fawns. 

The night before last I finally decided enough was enough. With less than two months until the start of deer season, I needed to determine who was leaving behind the big tracks.  That evening was perfect for big buck movement as we had storms blow through earlier in the day dropping the temps and bringing in a nice layer of fog for that evening.  About 45 minutes before dusk I saw a tall rack bobbing along 500 yards away through my spotting scope.  Between the fog and the distance I could see it was a lopsided rack but couldn't gather any more details.  So yesterday I checked the spot and sure enough... There were his tracks in the wet dirt.  I then moved a camera into position knowing that I would be back there today to hang a stand in a new area to take advantage of a great spot from this years crop rotation. 

Today when I arrived I went straight to the Covert Assassin II camera hanging on a fence post to see if I got any results last night...  The overnight recon was a success as I got about a half dozen pictures of this buck with two beautiful dawn photos.

I really don't know how I feel about this buck as far as a shooter, I just don't think this is what I am looking for.  He is a great buck, only stand time and a shot opportunity at him will really let me know how I feel.  If he gives me that feeling (you know the one) I will take a shot, if not I will keep looking for something else.  Just as of now, it's a no go.

 With out further ado....  The "Massive Tracks" buck!

He looks like he has a broken off g2 tine on his left side, you can see some dried velvet hanging down in the photos.  The time is off 12 hours on the camera however.  It was 6:14 AM not PM.


 One of the night photos of him.



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