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NEW Sitka Gear Merino Wool Line. Comfort Re-Introduced.

by Bow Staff 29. January 2011 16:21
Bow Staff

Sitka Gear’s Merino Line Excels in Comfort
The Key to Comfort and Odor Resistance Begins With the Merino Line

NAPA, CA. Sitka Gear, has introduced its latest line of high performance gear for the serious hunter, its Merino line.  The benefits of Merino Wool have long been appreciated and used in high performance athletic wear and used in activities such as, running, hiking, skiing and cycling. 

Since this material is naturally odor resistant, it is an ideal fit for hunting.  Merino is also excellent at regulating body temperature, especially worn directly against the skin.  The wool provides some warmth, without overheating the wearer and also wicks moisture making it comfortable against the skin.

The Merino line will have the following features:

● Wicks moisture away from skin
● High heat to weight ratio
● Naturally odor resistant
● 100% Merino Wool
● Available in GORE® OPTIFADE® Concealment Open Country, Forest pattern, and Charcoal
● Available in sizes small to 3XL for Open Country or Forest and medium to 2XL for Charcoal
Items in the Merino line will include the Core Zip T, Core Bottom, Beanie and Liner Glove.

Suggested Retail Prices
● Core Zip T:  $119 (Charcoal) $129 (Open Country or Forest)
● Core Bottom:  $119 (Charcoal)
● Beanie:  $29
● Liner Glove:  $35 (medium to XL)

Sitka Gear’s top-quality products feature the most scientifically advanced visual concealment pattern ever to hit the market – GORE® OPTIFADE® Concealment, the first-ever concealment based on the science of animal vision.  The unique micro-pattern considers the way a deer or other ungulate perceives color, the ratio of positive to negative space and other visual elements to create an effect that allows the hunter to blend with the animal’s perception of the environment.  The macro-pattern breaks up the symmetry of the human body so that if a hunter is detected, the animal will not be able to identify the hunter as a predator.

About Sitka Gear, Inc.
Sitka Gear is the leading manufacturer of high-performance hunting apparel that utilizes cutting-edge technology to keep hunters warm, dry and comfortable in any condition.


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