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New Hunting Property - More Work!

by Todd Graf 24. August 2008 04:21
Todd Graf

The fun of getting a new hunting spot usually means a lot of excitement, work, and frustration all rolled up at the same time. While hanging stands can darn near kill you during the heat of the summer the excitement of what you might see out weighs any work. On this particular trip in Justin and I had several goals - hang 5 sets, mow some walking paths, trim shooting lanes, find food sources and get out. We knew this time in we would most likely be making a lot of disturbance, but what can you do? You have have to get the work done. The spot that we are setting up on is pretty small in the big scheme of things, but it took no time at all to find out where we would be hanging our sets. I was also pumped to find an area in which had been planted in clover by the previous owner, but was badly taken over by weeds.  I mowed this particular spot two weeks prior and I was pumped to see how well the clover had grown since that time.  It's amazing how well food plots can do with a little mowing! Here are a few pictures from our hot summer outing!

Stands, stands & more stands!

Here we found some large apples tress, which can be a great early season spot.

Justin helping unload everything off of the truck.

This is the clover field that I was talking about.  Before I mowed it you couldn't even SEE the clover, now look at how well it's doing.

Of course, we remembered everything but drinks. When we made it the gas station I never drank that large of a gatorade that fast in my life!

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