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NEW Leaf River Trailcamera set to turn Heads in 2009!

by Bow Staff 15. September 2009 09:06
Bow Staff

Leaf River Trailcamera monitoring, continues its advances in technology with the new iR-7SS. Featuring a more advanced Quick-Shot mode, 7.0 megapixel picture quality, and MUCH more user friendly navigation, this newest camera is sure to make a camera junkie out of you.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The iR-7SS by Leaf River is the perfect game camera for capturing critters on the move. Featuring 7.0 megapixel picture quality, the unit can be programmed to pause from 1 to 90 minutes between pictures, and by using the Quick Shot mode, an even quicker 2nd and 3rd picture can be captured before entering the pause time if additional motion is detected, like a buck following a doe down the trail.
The built-In 2.4˝ Viewing Screen allows easier menu navigation and in-field viewing. Delete or protect the images the camera has captured right in the field without the need for an external viewing source, and zoom in up to 4x and pan around the picture for a closer look at the subject or the date and time.
Like all of Leaf River's cameras, the iR-7SS is equipped with a switch with two settings -- one for a faster trigger speed and the other for an extended battery life. Adjust the switch without entering the camera's menus. The fast trigger setting allows the user to set the camera up in an area that animals will pass though at a quicker pace, such as a trail. The Battery Save setting allows the user to set the camera up in a remote location and leave it for months at a time without the use of a solar panel or external power supply.
In addition, the camera features a MPEG -4 video with 640 x 480 resolution at 30 frames per second, sound recording when in video mode and an SD card slot for removable memory.  Internal memory is also available (SD card not included).  The camera will accept up to a 2GB SD card.
· Mossy Oak Treestand® camouflage
· USB cable
· RCA cable
· Steel mounting bracket
· Steel security bar and mounting strap
· Requires 4 D-cell and 3 C-cell batteries (NOT INCLUDED).
· Infrared Digital.

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