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New Bows For 2010 - Being Updated Daily!!

by Bow Staff 12. January 2010 22:40
Bow StaffThe Perfect Killer by Bear Archery

In a cold tree stand, when the time comes, you want to drawn down on a beast—not draw back a beast.
That’s why Bear Archery developed the ATTACK: to meet a demand for killer speed—without shoulder-separating draw, and without mule-kicking hand shock.

It’s ALL KILLER, NO COMPROMISE. It’s the E-Cam and Max Pre-Load Limbs—lab-tuned components that were tested, and retested, in the woods to deliver a new level of efficiency.

It’s the PERFECT KILLER. Killer speed without compromise. Only from Bear Archery.
Maxxis by Hoyt

Some said it would be impossible to top the AlphaMax. But here Hoyt is with the faster, sleeker and mother shooting Maxxis: their premiere hunting compound bow for 2010. Maxxis advances the Hoyt legacy with their all-new, past-parallel, laminated XTS ARC Limb System—engineered to kill vibration and produce an unbelievably smooth shot. Maxxis also features an innovative, patent-pending, In-Line Roller Cable Guard that reduces friction, increases speed and improves efficiency with a lightweight durable, low-profile design. The perfectly balanced, smooth-shooting Maxxis is light, sleek, fast and tough. It also delivers a lengthy list of other purpose-built technologies—including the TEC LITE Riser, XTR Cam & 1/2 Performance system, and popular 180 Grip. The much-anticipated Maxxis is sure to be the top bow of 2010.
LimbSaver Proton

The Proton, LimbSaver’s flagship bow for 2010, offers a vast number of innovative new features and technologies. At just 3.8 pounds, the Proton sports a lightweight, streamlined riser profile. The 32.5-inch axle-to-axle length provides torque-free shootability and exceptional forgiveness, but the Proton shoots and feels like a much longer bow.

The Proton also features new limb-forward pocketless technology, new high-performance split limbs and new patent-pending PowerLock Adjustment Technology. This exciting technology allows the user to make precise, 2-pound limb adjustments on both the top and bottom limb sets so that the limbs can be set to the same poundage or tuned separately for optimal performance. LimbSaver EverLast String Leeches and UltraMax LimbSavers with Next Generation NAVCDOM material ensure that the Proton is unbelievably quiet and vibration-free. The Proton is capable of slinging arrows at speeds of 330 feet per second.
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