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NAP's New Product Line for 2010

by Bow Staff 12. January 2010 20:30
Bow StaffWe’re here at the 2010 ATA Show and we’re excited to announce all the new products to the dealers that we have to offer. We’ve got the brand new 2 blade BloodRunner that already at the pre-show at Outek has caused a lot of interest and excitement.

We will be updating the products on the website with the new specifications, photos and more after the ATA Show, but here is a quick preview of NAP’s new product line for 2010:

BloodRunner 2-Blade

Field point accurate, fixed blade strong that’s BLOODRUNNER. The ultimate in combination fixed blade and mechanical technologies. Low profile in flight, massive cuts on impact. Choose from 2 1/16” open diameter 2-blade or 1 ½” open diameter 3-blade models. Both are super-strong, have the sharpest blades in the industry and deliver absolute dependability. Open. Closed. They cut no matter what. Guaranteed!

Thunderhead Edge

The Ultimate Thunderhead! THUNDERHEAD EDGE has all of the features that have made Thunderhead the standard in fixed blade broadheads and more! Exclusive straight/serrated blade technology is devastating on hide & flesh and saws through bone like a hot knife through butter. Offset blades produce gaping exit holes and massive blood trails. Prove design and precision manufacturing deliver tack-driving accuracy. Fully assembled ready to shoot.

Spitfire Edge

It’s a Spitfire on steroids! The SPITFIRE EDGE has the proven Spitfire features, strength, killing power and accuracy plus more! Exclusive NAP straight/serrated blades are devastating on hide & flesh, and saw through bone like a hot knife through butter. Offset blades produce gaping exit holes and massive blood trails. Proven design and precision manufacturing deliver “out-of-the-box” field point accuracy.


Total containment. Complete fletching clearance. No-tools-required adjustability. Totally Affordable! That’s the new APACHE Drop-Away arrowrest. Apache features precision machined aluminum component construction throughout. Launcher action is quiet and reliable. And this rest is tough. It will stand up to the most grueling hunting conditions while delivering rock-solid performance. Apache. More features. Less money.

NAP QuikFletch

The Pros know! NAP QuikFletch shrinks your groups and extends your kill zone. Choose from Michael Waddell’s “Bone Collector” or Lee & Tiffany’s “The Crush” models. Both feature NAP’s patented QuikSpin kicker/micro-groove technology that spins arrows up to 5 times faster than conventional vanes. Result? Stable, straight driving arrows for tack-driving accuracy and optimum penetration.
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