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NAP To Introduce 125 Grain 2 Blade BloodRunner Broadheads

by Scott Abbott 15. June 2011 12:27
Scott Abbott

It's almost here... New Archery Products will soon release the 125 grain 2-blade BloodRunner broadheads that will be available for our pursuits this autumn. Everything we love about the 100 grain BloodRunner, only heavier: Cuts no matter what, 1 1/8" profile in flight and a 2 1/16" profile upon impact with extremely sharp .035" thick stainless steel blades.


The 125 grain 2-Blade BloodRunner is about 1/4" longer to accommodate the pressed on collar, everything else remains unchanged.

The introduction of the 125 grain 2-Blade BloodRunner will allow those who choose to take 2-Blade BloodRunners afield more options when prepping their bow and arrow setup.  Whether you need more weight up front to soften your arrows spine, to increase the arrows FOC or you are just looking for a heavier arrow, the 125 grain BloodRunner is here for you.

The 2 blade BloodRunner to me is the king of mechanical / hybrid broadheads, I was very impressed with their performance and durability last season. Click HERE to read my experience with their durability last season. My arrows will yet again be tipped with BloodRunner broadheads, but only this time in 125 grains.



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