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NAP Apache Dropaway Arrow Rest Review

by Justin Zarr 14. June 2010 03:04
Justin Zarr

Every year there are hundreds of new archery accessories that hit the market and cause many archers to drool over their computer monitor, tv screen, or favorite bowhunting magazine.  Some of them are fancy with new electronics and technologies while others are simply a new take on a proven product.  The NAP Apache arrow rest falls into the later of the two categories.  This rest isn't fancy, but it just may be one of the best new products for this year.

The Apache is one of the most solid arrow rests I've ever used, and appears to be built to withstand just about any amount of punishment that your typical bowhunter can dish out.  As I get older it's this exact type of rugged dependability that I'm looking for in my bowhunting products.  Sure, flashy and complicated looks cool but it doesn't always help you shoot more animals.

I replaced the cable on my Apache to match my string loop.  It comes with a brown cable from the factory.

Two main features of the Apache are the full-capture arrow "cage" that's built around the rest, and the tool-less adjustments.  The top-loading cage built around the rest provides nearly 360 degrees of security which means your arrow can't fall off the rest (or out of it) unless you tip your bow completely upside down.  The inside of the cage is lined with a foam pad and the launcher comes with a felt pad pre-installed so it's completely silent, which is a must for bowhunting.

Tool-less adjustment provides quick and easy setup and adjustments in the field or at the range.  Once you bolt the Apache onto your bow you won't need another allen key until you're ready to take it off.  With a bow square and laser adjustment tool I had the rest lined up and tightened down in a matter of minutes.

The Apache is built extremely well and has both horizontal and vertical graduations to help you make the proper adjustments when tuning your bow.

All in all the new Apache rest appears to be a great rest for all bowhunting purposes.  The tool-less adjustments provide quick and easy setup while the cage provides full-capture containment with the benefits of full fletching clearance.  A rugged and dependable rest, the Apache should fit the needs of almost any bowhunter.

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