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Indiana Man Slashes Buck's Throat!

by Bow Staff 21. September 2010 09:44
Bow Staff

An Indiana man is currently being investigated for slashing the throat of a ten year old whitetail buck named Anthony. The incident occurred at a small petting zoo within Hidden Paradise Campground, located near St. Paul.

Witnesses there watched a man scale a 10 foot fence before landing on the other side and promptly grabbing the deer by the antlers and shoving his face into the ground and eventually cutting the throat of the buck. Interestingly enough, the man, identified as Andrew Sweet is claiming self-defense. Claiming the deer attacked him unprovoked.

While Mr. Sweet was not arrested and charges have not yet been filed, investigators are looking into what caused the provoked attack by the whitetail inside the fence that Sweet had to climb 10 feet to get over.

The buck, Anthony, remains in good condition despite the enormous gash in his lower neck.

The staff here at Bowhunting.Com wants to know how you feel about the above incident. Do you believe the buck provoked the attack? Do you believe Mr. Sweet should have charges filed against him? We want to know!  Please leave your comments below. Thank you.


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