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The Greene Outdoors, Best Pro Shop in "The Missouri Bootheel"

by John Mueller 12. May 2009 13:11
John Mueller

Casey Greene is a man on a mission. His mission is to have a chain of archery shops selling equipment across the globe. He already sells bows and equipment worldwide out of a corner shop in his Father’s Pharmacy in Steele, MO. I recently worked The Bowtech Interactive Archery Experience Trailer at The Greene Outdoors Shop.


Casey’s shop is no ordinary Pro Shop. He runs it from within his dad’s pharmacy. But that doesn’t stop him from having more inventory than almost any pro shop I have ever been in, and not just a few bows in camo, he has most of the bows in the target colors as well.



One of many of the bow racks in Greene Outdoors.

 Target Colors on many bows.


 Along with one of each of the camo options available. No picking one out of a catalog and hoping you like it when it gets there.



The new Optifade Camo.

He also stocks a full line of accessories, again not just one of each item like many shops have on the wall.


The Block Party.


Casey had Hans Saunders and the Bowtech Trailer at his shop for an open house last weekend. Before parking at the archery shop Casey had the trailer spend a day at the local High School to promote the sport of archery. Well over a 150, 6-12th graders went thru the trailer and had a chance to shoot the new bows, many shooting a bow for the first time. After leaving the school the trailer was parked right on Main Street across from the Piggly Wiggly.

 The Bowtech Trailer with flags flying high.


 The trailer is now equipped with a state of the art digital message board.

Han's favorite, The new message board.


The turnout was a little lower than expected because of the nasty weather in the area last weekend. But a good time was had by many.


There was also a 3D pop-up tournament going on in the alley along with a novelty shoot.

 Pop-Up in the alley.


 Many local shooters and a few not so local archers showed up to try and claim the top prize of $500. The Greene Outdoors Pro Staff of Bobby, Cole and Brian were busy most of the weekend running the pop-up shoot. Bowtech Pro Staffer Cody Walsh drove 6 hours from Springfield, MO to take top honors in the pop-up shoot and he also won the novelty shoot.

 Casey Greene and Cody Walsh and his $500 check


 You had to hit a dime size spot on a ground hog target from about 22 yards. The prize for the novelty shoot was a brand new block 4x4.

The groundhog and the dime sized target.


Anyone living near the Missouri Bootheel needs to make the drive to Steele, MO and pay Casey a visit. You will be pleasantly surprised to see what is hiding in the back corner of Greene's Pharmacy. You can also pay them a visit at

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