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Equal Flashlights!? Browning Expands Flashlight Line-Up, adopts ANSI Standards.

by Bow Staff 27. April 2010 15:24
Bow Staff

If you’re anything like most of the staffers here at Bowhunting.Com, you own at least 37 different flashlights. For some reason or another, we hunters can’t have enough lumens in our life.

The good news is that many of the leading flashlight manufacturers are adopting the ANSI standard for measuring flashlight performance. This will mean we’ll actually be able to tell the difference between a flashlight from manufacturer A and B from now on. One standard means better comparison for us!

Below you will read about Browning, and how they plan to light up YOUR world in 2010.

Browning Expands Flashlight Line-up, Adopts ANSI-FL-1 Standards

Morgan, UT-Browning continues to expand its line of high quality feature-filled line of flashlights for the serious sportsman with the addition of the powerful new Hi Power line.

The powerful new Hi Power line of flashlights blend innovative technology with striking appearance and the ability to squeeze every last drop of energy from a pair of AA alkaline batteries. The Browning Hi Power flashlights feature all-aluminum construction with walnut or black resin inlays. The bulbs are the latest generation Cree® XPE LED that is rated for 50,000 hours of use. Length is 5.25″, brightness is 145 lumens and effective distance is 150 meters. The Hi
Power’s leading edge circuitry provides the brightest AA-powered LED flashlights available. Five Hi Power models are offered in Matte Silver, Desert Metallic, Black and Mossy Oak New Break-up. One Black model will also feature the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation logo. Suggested Retail for all models is $79.95.

New Flashlight Standards: Also, beginning in 2010, many top flashlight manufactures have agreed to use the same standards (ANSI-FL-1) for measuring performance, so that consumers can make an apples-to-apples comparison between models. Browning is proud to endorse and participate in these new standards, for portable lighting.

For more information on all of Browning’s innovative products, visit their website.


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