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Bow Season Has Arrived; Productive Opening Weekend!

by Scott Abbott 26. September 2010 15:29
Scott Abbott

Yesterday, opening day of bowseason was very unproductive for me this year, I did not see any deer all day despite sitting in two different setups that I thought I could get some decent early season action out of. The evening hunt of day two was a different story though, it was exciting.  This evening I was setup on an outside corner of hardwoods where it meets up with marsh land that is used as bedding to my North and West.  I noticed abundant rubs and acorns on my way to stand, everything was looking very good.  I setup quickly and quietly in my Lone Wolf Sit and Climb.

We had a front moving through our area from the NE this evening. The front wasn't the only thing moving today, the bucks were too.  At around 6:40 PM I had a bachelor group of bucks, two yearlings and a really solid 8 point come in on me from the North Marsh land. I came to full draw on the 8 point as he was closing the distance, but I just couldn't drop the string. There he stood 23 yards away sporting a pretty nice rack, I field judged the 8 point at 132" gross.   It definitely got my blood flowing.  As vain as this may sound I decided to not shoot because his G3 tine was twice as long on his left than it was on his right.  I field judged the G3's at 4 inches and 8 inches.  I know I am tight on hunting spots this year, but I feel I can put myself into position on another good buck.

The bucks came from the North about 30 yards out of the frame of this photo to the right hand side. All three of the bucks were all over the acorns this evening. They were within 75 yards of me for close to an hour, although I could only see them every now and then from the foliage after they moved out of bow range.  I do not think they heard me on my walk out, but I did jump a deer about 200 yards South of my setup when I was within 100 yards of exiting the woods. 



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