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Bear Eats Hanging Deer!

by Bow Staff 29. December 2009 02:39
Bow Staff

There she hangs! Your triumph! Your victory! The endless hours and of months of preparation, practice, and scouting all coming together with one single release! Your success will reap you of rewards that will help to feed your family throughout the coming winter. Rejoice is in the accomplishment, a man, a bow, and desire!

You settle your nerves after a few tales at camp, and get lost in a mid-autumn slumber. Worries are no more. The monkey is off your back!








The above pictures are real. No animals (except the obvious) were hurt in the making of these prints. They were anonymously sent into our offices here at Bowhunting.Com and drooled upon by our staffers. We’re not sure how the tale continues, but we’re tearing into it! If you have, or know of any interesting hunting related photos you would like to share with the outdoor community, please don’t hesitate to send them to Thank you in advance!

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