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Traveling Hunters, Dead Down Wind Introduces PAC-IT.

by Bow Staff 25. August 2009 10:55
Bow Staff

Dead Down Wind, a leader in scent-prevention and elimination has developed a new way for the big-game hunter to travel a little lighter this autumn. Introducing, PAC-IT, a 3-pack of highly concentrated ScentPrevent field spray that when mixed with water will produce 36 oz. of odor-eliminating spray. Not only will it become a much more efficient way for the hunter to travel, but it will help save the environment and your pocketbook!

Dead Down Wind introduces PAC-IT, a 3 pack of highly concentrated ScentPrevent Field Spray that when mixed with water produce 36 ounces of effective scent prevention and elimination spray. PAC-IT is designed especially for travelers and pack in hunters when minimizing weight and space is critical.
"PAC-IT is perfect for serious hunters who need superior scent prevention, but cannot afford to take up valuable space in their packs" stated National Sales Manager Gary Reed. "When packing in many miles on horseback, space and weight is a premium, PAC-IT provides a compact lightweight solution to scent control. When you reach your destination, simply add water to one of the concentrated PAC-IT packets for 12 ounces of superior scent prevention and control."

PAC-IT is a highly concentrated form of the popular Evolve 3 ScentPrevent field spray that when mixed with water provides superior scent control. PAC-IT utilizes Dead Down Wind's proprietary ESP Enzyme Technology to eliminate and prevent a wide range of odors from animal and gasoline odors to odors commonly created by humans. The ScentPrevent concentrate is the only natural, organic, biodegradable product that effectively eliminates odors without harsh chemicals, masking agents, or potentially damaging effects on the environment.
"We take our responsibility to preserving the environment very seriously" Stated CEO Monte McDowell. "As such we are continually working on ways to make our products not only the most effective, but the most environmentally friendly available on the market today. Not only are the ingredients environmentally friendly, but by offering ScentPrevent in a concentrated form we can reduce the number of plastic bottles introduced into landfills each year."

At a manufacturer's suggested retail of $9.99 and the ability to make 36 ounces of spray, PAC-IT provides consumers 50% more spray for free when compared to competitors 24 ounce packages.

For more information on PAC-IT visit the Dead Down Wind website.

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