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Finally Getting Caught Up At My Hunting Properties

by Todd Graf 31. July 2009 09:21
Todd Graf

It’s been a while since my last, since January, when my son was diagnosed with an unusual condition called intracranial increased venous pressure. Over the last 6 months I have witnessed a lot of things, leading me to decide that my little 5 year old son is much stronger than I will ever be. After meeting literally 20 to 30 doctors, having over 20 MRIS, 20 CAT Scans and 3 brain surgeries my little man is doing much better.

Thank goodness for all the great doctors that I’ve met at Childrens Memorial Hospital; they’ve unquestionably been able to help my son and today he is doing great. With all the behind us I want to take this time to discuss some of the new equipment and new things that I’ve been working on at my hunting properties in the hope that I will have a successful year this fall.

With the purchase of a new Kasco no-till drill and a John Deere, in addition to my existing equipment, I was extremely excited about working and getting my food plots done this year. I’ve included many photos to support what the different food plots look like, as well as a really neat video to be able to see some of the results.

Here you can see the no-till drill working great at planting both beans and corn in the fields.



Here you can see sugar beats have germinated and are coming up strong


Apple trees that I planted only 3 years ago are already holding over 30 apples a piece

This will be the first year that I will be testing out peas

I’ve also been working a lot on tree plantings. I highly suggest not ever using the corrugated plastic around the base of your trees because as I found out, it’s nothing more than a rodent attractant. Ultimately what ends up happening is the rodents get in that nice sheltered area and gnaw away at your trees and eventually you end up finding out that your trees have died. I have since found a new product and have upgraded to a better protection device for trees. See my photos below.

Both the Rhino Group and have been working harder to do a better job leveraging video on all of our websites. We have been using both video and new technologies in our website development that we do for a variety of companies. If you'd like to see some of our current video product reviews click here.

Below you can see that I took down all of the deer in my office to remodel it. Seeing all the deer lined up made me realize that I sure have shot a few whitetail bucks in my time. And this is only about ¼ of the bucks that I have harvested.

Another thing I did while planting was to modify a sprayer to go behind my New Holland in order to incorporate a foamer so I had a better idea where my spray was being laid down. I had a lot of fun making those adjustments and I will soon have a post just on that alone. In the mean time here are a couple of photos of what the sprayer attachment looks like.




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