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GIANT Whitetail Buck Found Dead! Looking for Details!

by Bow Staff 25. March 2009 14:34
Bow Staff

Recently the staff here at has received these forwards by way of email of an amazing whitetail buck discovered. Although we have little information at this time, what an incredible deer!

It is not known at this time in what state this “dead head” was originally found or who it was even found by, and we may very well never know. But it is just jaw-dropping to look at these pictures that were included with the email. Can you imagine finding this buck!?

We can clearly tell by the eyes of the whitetail that the buck must have died rather recently before its finding. This is clearly evident by the eyes and nose which are still in excellent condition. We can guess that it was also likely found by a shed hunter, because of timing of year from date on the photographs. Since there are so many great whitetail mounts in the photographs background, It almost looks as though these pictures were taken in a taxidermists shop, possibly? And what of the two younger girls who are posing with this great head and rack? Perhaps they were the finders of this buck?

However one wishes to look at these photos, it is clear that this is an extraordinary find. The staff at is very interested, along with its readers, to find out as much as we can on this buck, it finding, and its history.

If you have any information on this incredible whitetail, you can email us directly at Thank you for your help; hopefully we can dig something up for all of our readers and our eager staff. 

                                                                                                                                                                                       What an amazing whitetail!?

                                                                                                                                                                                       Clearly this buck has some SIZE to him! Wow!

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