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A beautiful piebald whitetail buck sold to Cabelas?

by Bow Staff 18. January 2009 05:43
Bow Staff

How would you like to have successfully harvested this strange whitetail buck? A beautiful piebald whitetail buck who would easily dance into the Pope and Young records book! Then sell this whitetail buck for about $13,000; so that everyone may see him coming into a Cabela's nearest you! Would you have done it?! Sold out on this once in a lifetime opportunity at a Pope and Young, piebald whitetail buck, who could've forever hung upon your living room wall?! Imagine those amazing stories and conversations that this incredible rare whitetail would create.


We're glad you wouldn't either. The hunter who took this beautiful whitetail buck, now referred to as the "Calico buck" (throughout the internet), didn't sell it after all. In fact, he's actually having a full body mount done on the animal!

Hunter, James Curtis, a Bellville Texas resident, took the "Calico buck" while hunting a privately owned ranch just outside Palestine, Texas. With a gross P&Y score of 138 5/8", netting 136" even, the 195 pound animal will likely become a treasured family heirloom for generations to come. And why shouldn't it?! congratulates whitetail deer hunter, James Curtis, on his incredible trophy buck. Piebald whitetail make up less than 1% of the entire North American whitetail deer population. The staff at cannot even imagine how rare it must be to take a P&Y animal from this low percentage. Congratulations again!





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