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Terry Drury Harvests a 170 inch Giant whitetail buck.

by Staff 26. September 2008 16:12 Staff

75 degrees with a NE wind was all Terry and cameraman could ask for in late September. Terry was hunting a stand very close to bed, yet close enough to catch a nice buck on his way to a lush maximum field. A low-pressure system moved out and a high came rolling in as soon as Terry climbed up the tree.

The evening started out good as does came through the timber into the maximum field. Then more does and small bucks came parading their way into the maximum field. Suddenly a doe came squirting past the stand while looking back and a huge 170-class buck came following not 10 seconds later. The buck walked right in to Terry's shooting lane, after a shot that hit the deer a little far back, the deer mule kicked as hard as Terry has ever seen one do in addition to an exhaustive grunt upon impact and proceeded to bolt out of the area. After reviewing the hit and much deliberation Terry called Mark and asked if he could assist in the recovery the next morning. After one sleepless night Mark and Terry headed straight out to the woods and started what turned out to be a successful recovery.

Terry has numerous pictures of the buck on his Reconyx game camera, previously calling the buck "Flyers" because of 10 inches of kickers. They may be some of the best trail cam pictures and most vivid quality that Terry has captured this season! The Reconyx truly played a huge part in Terry harvesting “Flyers”! What a great way to start the ‘08 Missouri Bow Season!!

If your interested in some great hunting dvd's check out the link below. Terry were looking forward to seeing this hunt soon. 


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