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3-D Quiver Pack by Keyes Hunting Gear

by Todd Graf 14. January 2010 01:59
Todd GrafThe quiver pack isn’t your typical backpack. It has a built in arrow quiver! Other features include a large main compartment, outside pockets, and a cooler storage pocket. The pack is compatible with our removable utility belt. The pack can hold up to 24 filed tip arrows depending on the arrow... [More]

Predator TrailEye IR

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 21:45
Todd GrafOver the years trailcams have rapidly grown in popularity and have become an obsession among hunters. Because of this infatuation we have developed a camera based on the features, quality, and performance you have desired for so long, the TrailEye IR.The all-new TrailEye IR is testament to a simple,... [More]

Bushnell BowHunter Chuck Adams Edition

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 21:26
Todd GrafWhen the world leader in laser rangefinder technology and the world’s most successful bowhunter put their heads together on a project, it’s all about putting heads on the wall. Enter the finest archery-specific specimen on the planet. Extremely lightweight and compact, the BowHunter Chuc... [More]

LimbSaver Proton

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 21:10
Todd GrafThe proton’s forgiving rock-solid straight riser design offers pinnacle performance that is unbelievably quiet, lightweight and will outshoot any other bow on the market. The pocket-less design is streamlined to give you maximum performance with minimum weight. The Proton culminates quiet, per... [More]

Viper by Recon Outdoors

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 20:50
Todd GrafRecon Outdoors continues to lead the industry with a complete line of hunting electronics. The Viper was voted Scouting Camera of the year for 2009, for its Revolutionary Modular Design.Not only does Viper have a creative shape and modular mounting system, but it also uses a state of the art camera ... [More]

Recap of the First Day at the 2010 ATA Show

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 19:28
Todd GrafWell the first day of the Archery trade show was an absolute success. We were able to see many different vendors and all the new products that they have coming out in 2010.As we all know ground blind hunting has become a significantly bigger deal in the last few years. Pine Ridge Archery Products ha... [More]
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Moultrie Picture Viewer

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 04:46
Todd GrafWant to see game camera images right now? Our picture viewer allows you quick access to all of your game camera scouting photos and videos. This handy, hand-held picture viewer lets you view your game camera images in the field. View and transfer your photos via USB cable or SD card transfer. View i... [More]

The Crossbow Cam Video Camera Mount

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 04:26
Todd GrafThis mount attaches to any crossbow that has a one inch scope tube This is a quick detachable mount.Made from forged military aluminum, stainless steel military resin guaranteed for life.Camera platform has a built in shock and recoil platform.Any small modern handy cam camera will attach to this mo... [More]

TightSpot Quiver

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 04:07
Todd Graf Ultra-tough “hood” is virtually unbreakable!Extra deep hood keeps broadheads covered; new Phantom foam insert is designed so expandables won’t open in your quiverMaximized distance (18 inches) between hood and grippers for minimized arrow vibration and noiseBumper strip on crossba... [More]

Reconyx HC600 and HC500 Digital Trail Cameras

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 03:56
Todd GrafThe new Reconyx HC600 and HC500 trail cameras offer a bunch of great features for a new low price. [More]

Eberlestock G287 Slingshot

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 03:32
Todd GrafWhen Eberlestock introduced it, the Slingshot was the first in the world that allowed you to carry a bow on the pack and get it off without removing the pack. Since then, Eberlestock made others. But the Slingshot remains unique; it’s their smallest pack, and is a fanny with many of the capabi... [More]

Mountain Mike’s Reproductions Skull Master

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 03:12
Todd GrafSkull Master is now available in dipped colors; woodgrain or Fall Camo. Compatible with your own harvested antlers or shed antlers, the Skull Master kit includes all hardware needed to attach a set of antlers to a great looking European deer skull in a timely, no-mess fashion. This antler kit comes ... [More]

Lakewood Products C276 - Double Bow 41” Case

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 02:47
Todd GrafOur time proven secure compartments no hold two bowsMetal bottom for extra protectionD-rings for included shoulder strap and tie down strapsLighter than most double casesLocks for travel

Plano All Weather™ Bow Case

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 01:56
Todd Graf Pad-lock tabs for airline travelHigh-density foamThick-wall constructionAccessory tie-down strapsAir, water and dust resistant sealLockable dual stage latches

Axcel Armortech-HD

by Todd Graf 12. January 2010 23:59
Todd GrafThe Armortech-HD was voted best buy winner, from Inside Archery Magazine, its very first year on the market! The Armortech-HD packs a punch with its superior patent pending technology, innovate design, and deadly accuracy. Features fibers that are protected their entire length by Axcel’s A.F.T... [More]

Tru-Fire Ti Fixed-Blade Broadhead

by Todd Graf 12. January 2010 23:44
Todd GrafThe TI Fixed-Blade Broadhead from Tru-Fire utilizes a groundbreaking Spring Retention system to eliminate frustrating loose blades. With the patent-pending Spring Retention system, the .032 stainless-steel blades are placed in the ferrule’s blade slot and forced toward the tip by pressure from... [More]

Campbell Video Editor

by Todd Graf 12. January 2010 23:31
Todd GrafWho knows more about editing hunting footage than the Campbell Outdoor Challenge, the people who brought you The Sport of Filming Hunts? Now any hunter can create a professional-looking hunt video with the Campbell Video Editor. This introductory-level editing software package was designed specifica... [More]

Introducing the all NEW Velocity by Gold Tip

by Todd Graf 12. January 2010 22:29
Todd GrafGold Tip customers challenged them to engineer a shaft that can increase arrow speed by 15 ft/sec while maintaining gold tip’s legendary toughness. They took on the challenge and are bringing to you VELOCITY. Lighter weight shafts combined with redesigned lighter components deliver kinetic ene... [More]

Archery Trade Show 2010 - Bowhunter's Paradise

by Todd Graf 12. January 2010 09:17
Todd GrafThe first "unofficial" day of the ATA show found us at the Outtech Innovations show with country music star Craig Morgan performing. [More]

Trespassers Beware! - Great Job Catching Him!

by Todd Graf 14. December 2009 19:18
Todd GrafThis is one happy ending to someone who has been getting his gear stolen. I sure enjoy reading the stories when the bad guy gets caught. Here is the article from / Channel 9 - Louisiania's News. Suspected thief claims he was protecting animal:DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - A land owner used ... [More]

The Huntmore 360 Hunting Chair, Perfection is the Goal!

by Todd Graf 14. December 2009 07:55
Todd GrafEvery once in a while a company comes along who intends to become a consumers best friend. Profit to these companies’s is not only measured by its shares on Wall Street, but also by its success stories and satisfied customers. Below you will read about one such company who wants YOU to succeed... [More]
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Small Buck Mounts 3D Target! Great Trail Camera Video!

by Todd Graf 17. November 2009 19:49
Todd GrafWatch these incredible trail camera videos as a small buck attempts to mount my 3D target next to one of my mock scrapes! [More]

Illinois Buck Harvest - A Buck Named Tank

by Todd Graf 1. November 2009 22:09
Todd GrafLate October is one of the best times to catch a mature buck on his feet just outside of his bedding area, which is exactly what happened on Saturday October 24th. [More]

Mid October Bowhunting & Mock Scrape Update

by Todd Graf 20. October 2009 01:46
Todd GrafBuck sightings have been rather slow these first few weeks of October, but the action in my food plots and mock scrapes is really starting to pick up. [More]

Fall Food Plots & Mock Scrapes

by Todd Graf 30. September 2009 05:25
Todd GrafAfter the deer destroyed one of my soybean plots I broadcasted some wheat and brassicas to try and salvage this spot for late season hunting. [More]

Wisconsin Bowhunting Season - The First Two Weeks

by Todd Graf 29. September 2009 19:37
Todd GrafWith the first two weeks of the Wisconsin archery season already gone, it's time for a quick recap and a look forward to the Illinois opener. [More]

Treehopper Belts New Website Design and Bowhunting Story

by Todd Graf 21. September 2009 05:48
Todd GrafFor those of you guys who have not met Dean Elbe from Treehopper, he is a phenomenal guy. Next time you are at a show, it is absolutely worth stopping by and seeing him. The product of his that most of you have seen is the Treehopper belt. This is a great system to be used when hanging stand sets an... [More]

Food Plot Success! Corn, Beans, Brassicas & Buck Forage Oats

by Todd Graf 10. September 2009 14:57
Todd GrafTaking the time to properly test your soils, plant, and fertilize your food plots can pay dividends come hunting season. Check out some of these great plots on one of my Illinois hunting spots. [More]

BowHunting Hitlist and Trail Camera Updates

by Todd Graf 5. September 2009 07:37
Todd GrafUsually I am the most organized bowhunting freak that I know but this year I have to say I am way behind. I just placed my 21st trail camera out and now I am really starting to get some data. This year I have been using several trail camera models - Camtrakker, Reconyx, the new moultrie and the bush... [More]
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NAP Introduces the Bloodrunner Practice Head

by Todd Graf 3. September 2009 02:43
Todd GrafYOU ASKED – NAP DELIVERS!NAP INTRODUCES THE BLOODRUNNER PRACTICE HEADFROM TARGET TO FIELD THE BLOODRUNNER - GUARANTEED PERFORMANCENew Archery Products, a leading manufacturer of broadheads, arrowrests, vanes and other archery accessories, has recently announced its new BloodRunner Practice Hea... [More]

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