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Stealth Cam Introduces the New Trail Camera Field App

by Todd Graf 23. January 2012 08:55
Todd GrafTodd Graf blogs about a new mobile app from Stealth Cam that allows hunters to map out their trail camera locations, mark way points via GPS and view extended weather forecasts. [More]

2011 Mathews Retailer Business Show Keeps Growing

by Todd Graf 2. January 2012 03:09
Todd GrafThe 2011 Mathews Retailer show was the biggest yet, with several hundred manufacturers showing off their new archery products for the coming year. [More]

Big Buck Killed by Coyotes, Check Out These Photos!

by Todd Graf 13. December 2011 05:52
Todd GrafPredators! These pictures defy the opinion that coyotes don't affect deer population or kill big bucks. [More]

Mid-October Bowhunting Update and Trail Camera Scrape Tips

by Todd Graf 14. October 2011 11:21
Todd GrafIt's Mid-October and that can only mean one thing: the rut is right around the corner! Read on to see how my early season is progressing, and learn a few trail camera tips I recommend for monitoring scrapes. [More]

Bowhunting Wisconsin Whitetails and Wyoming Elk

by Todd Graf 14. September 2011 14:32
Todd Graf‘Tis the season, folks!  As I write this blog, I am washing my clothes, fine tuning my Mathews Monster, cleaning out my truck and doing anything bowhunting related to pass the time before the Wisconsin archery opener this Saturday!  Ah, bow season is finally here!  After a terri... [More]

Summer Bowhunting Preparations and Activities

by Todd Graf 2. June 2011 05:50
Todd GrafAs the month of May slowly burns away into June, I can’t help but think that the hunting season begins in just three and a half months.  Before I know it, I will be sitting in a tree in my swamp property of Wisconsin waiting for a mature buck to make the fatal mistake of wandering by my p... [More]

Early Spring Bowhunting Preparations

by Todd Graf 29. April 2011 08:55
Todd GrafSpringtime is upon us, fellow bowhunters!  With the snow and cold days behind us (I hope) here in Northern Illinois, it is time to really focus on preparing for the 2011 deer season, which will be here before you know it!  April was an especially very busy month for me (then again, what mo... [More]

More on IL Deer & Turkey Classic in Peoria

by Todd Graf 29. March 2011 16:23
Todd GrafThe 2011 Illinois Deer & Turkey Expo featured a variety of great exhibitors, seminars and more. Here's a couple of my favorite pictures from this year's show. [More]

Maintaining Your Native Prairie Planting

by Todd Graf 29. March 2011 15:13
Todd GrafPlanting fields of native and prairie grasses is a great way to increase bedding cover for your local deer herd. Here's a few tips from Habitat Forever on properly maintaining your native grasses during their first two seasons. [More]

A Bowhunting Offseason Begins- Food Plots and Shed Hunting!

by Todd Graf 22. February 2011 04:43
Todd GrafFebruary marks the beginning of another offseason for this bowhunter. Read this blog to learn about my latest shed hunting adventures, the state of my food plots and native grasses, and the success I have had with when looking for new hunting properties. [More]

SHOT Show Update: Cool Bowhunting Gear From Leupold and Wildgame Innovations

by Todd Graf 20. January 2011 05:18
Todd Graf I wanted to give a quick update about how things are going out here at SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  If I could use just one word to describe the first day it would be: incredible.  As big as the ATA Show was 2 weeks ago, SHOT Show is even bigger.  In fact, it dwarfs the ATA Show in ... [More]

The End of a Bowhunting Season; Pope and Young Club and Treestand Safety

by Todd Graf 18. January 2011 04:36
Todd Graf One would think that since the hunting season officially ended this past weekend in Illinois that I would be able to catch up on a little rest and enjoy some down time.  Not so fast, my friend!  As many of you know I was in Indianapolis this past weekend for the annual ATA Show and a... [More] Your Resource for Live Updates from 2011 ATA Show

by Todd Graf 4. January 2011 02:09
Todd Graf Since January coincides with the end of deer season here Illinois, you would think that I would be pretty depressed right now.  Well, that’s not at all the case, because with the 2011 ATA Show begins this week!  Tomorrow our staff will be heading to Indianapolis, Indiana to cov... [More]

Big Buck Down in Illinois! October Bowhunting Success

by Todd Graf 21. October 2010 13:26
Todd GrafFor the third year in a row I was able to film myself harvest a great Illinois whitetail in October! [More]

Early Bowhunting Season Recap | Wyoming Antelope & Wisconsin Doe

by Todd Graf 29. September 2010 10:46
Todd GrafOctober 1st signifies the opening day of archery season here in Illinois and although my bowhunting season has barely begun, it's already been an extremely successful one.  I'm sure many of you have already read Justin's blog about our trip to Wyoming and no doubt seen the video as well.  ... [More]

Velvet Whitetails & Native Grasses - Late Summer Bowhunting Update

by Todd Graf 24. August 2010 10:52
Todd GrafSeptember is right around the corner but the bucks are still holding their velvet as we get ready for Opening Day! [More]

Horizontal Bowhunter Reviews - Volume 1

by Todd Graf 5. August 2010 08:09
Todd GrafI just want to thank Horizontal Bowhunter for their great review of - Volume 1. You can read the full article below. – Volume 1Produced by Rhino Group Todd Graf has been a good, personal friend of mine for a decade and a half; and over the course of those years ... [More]

Mid-Summer Deer Hunting Preparation

by Todd Graf 14. July 2010 16:07
Todd GrafThe off-season has turned into more work than I remember, but I'm really hoping that my hard work will pay dividends come fall. [More]

Unbelievable Trail Cam Photo: Doe Walking with Half Born Fawn!

by Todd Graf 25. June 2010 09:31
Todd GrafCheck out this unbelievable trail camera photo I received from a buddy of mine from Wisconsin.  This doe appears to be having a little trouble with the birthing process!  Any ideas as to what may cause this?  Perhaps a hungry coyote startled the mother while she was giving birth, or i... [More]

Legends of the Fall Virginia Turkey Hunt

by Todd Graf 14. June 2010 03:08
Todd GrafEric Hale, co-host of the new Legends of the Fall TV show, gets it done in Virginia on a nice longbeard. Check it out! [More]

Warm Temperatures in the Midwest; Great News For Hunting Food Plots!

by Todd Graf 20. April 2010 15:02
Todd GrafThe 2010 bowhunting season is off to a great start thanks to some good weather for planting our food plots. [More]

New World Record Turkey Taken by Bow!

by Todd Graf 20. April 2010 05:57
Todd GrafWow, this is a turkey to be proud of... A new world record! Congratulations Todd Pringnitz. I was just surfing the web and found his site and story about his new world record turkey. Here it is: For many turkey hunters, the thought of a world record animal must occupy their brains much like the e... [More]

In Memory of Terry Zarr

by Todd Graf 26. March 2010 10:10
Todd GrafI know a lot of you guys are friends with Justin and have got to know him through I just wanted to let you know unfortunately yesterday Justin lost a good friend, great sportsmen and more importantly his father. Each and everyone of us if asked who got you into hunting can answe... [More]

Shed Hunting, Property Planning & The Start of Another Bowhunting Season

by Todd Graf 25. January 2010 10:51
Todd GrafThe 2009 bowhunting season is in the books, and the 2010 season has just begun! Looking for shed antlers and planning food plots for this spring have kept me busy so far. [More]

ATA Show Bowhunting Review - 80+ 2010 Products

by Todd Graf 15. January 2010 00:37
Todd GrafBelow is a list of new products for 2010 from the ATA Show. Select a link to view more details about a bowhunting product.Aim Outdoors WhisperAlpine Archery Jim Shockey Signature Series YukonAxcel Armortech-HDAX3000Barronett Blinds BloodTrail CamoBearpaw Products Deluxe Fletching JigBushnell Scout 1... [More]
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Jim Shockey Signature Series Yukon Bow by Alpine Archery

by Todd Graf 14. January 2010 03:20
Todd GrafJim Shockey's Signature Series Yukon bow, from Alpine Archery, has a flat black riser and camo limbs along with a bunch of innovative features that appeal to all bowhunters. [More]

FlatLine SuperLite Carbon by Easton

by Todd Graf 14. January 2010 02:59
Todd GrafThe shortest distance between two points is a FlatLine. SuperLite Carbon and MicroLite components deliver a flat trajectory straight to the target.FlatLine and New FlatLine Surgical Features Multi-layer wrapped carbon fibersBlack, smooth matte finishFlatLine straightness: +/- .003”FlatLine Sur... [More]

Big Foot XL Lounger by Rivers Edge Treestands

by Todd Graf 14. January 2010 02:46
Todd Graf Fully padded Lounger seat and backrest make for comfortable all-day huntingBuilt-in footrest for leg-stretching comfortOriginal lever-action mounting systemSeat flips up for full XL platform useCamo-padded armrests flip up with seatFolds flat for backpacking—straps included

Judge by Elite Archery

by Todd Graf 14. January 2010 02:35
Todd GrafSpecs Axel to Axel – 34 7/8”Brace Height – 6”Mass Weight – 4.3 lbsDraw Length – 26” – 30”Draw Weight – 50 – 90 lbsIBO Speed – 343 – 347 FPSLet-Off – 80%Available in Left and Right hand

Uway NightTrakker 5MP IR Scouting Cameras: NT50

by Todd Graf 14. January 2010 02:22
Todd GrafFeatures 5.0 Megapixel CMOS sensorSize: 6.1 x 3.4 x 2.7 inchesLens: FOV = 40 degreesHigh output infrared LED bulbsTrigger time: 1-1.3sMulti-zone PIR detection range: 50+ feetPhoto resolution: 5MP, 3MP, 1.3MP, 0.8MP, 0.3MP (programmable)Photo burst: 1-10 photos per trigger (programmable)Video resolut... [More]

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