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Bowhunting Black Bears

by Steve Flores 11. May 2012 14:50
Steve FloresWith Turkey season on the way out, it's time to turn our focus to one thing....Black Bears [More]


by Steve Flores 5. May 2012 07:25
Steve FloresThese photos were recently sent to us from a gentleman in Colorado Springs. Apparently, this big guy (on the left) has been seen walking the streets on a regular basis. WOW!!!  Deer seem to do funny things when they are in velvet; displaying behavior not often seen while in “hard-... [More]
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by Steve Flores 1. May 2012 10:16
Steve FloresIn Part 1 of this 2 Part series, we discussed the importance of choosing a quality pro-shop when making a new bow purchase or when simply adding upgrades to your current rig. There is no denying the “networking” value of an archery pro-shop, not to mention the fact that finding a good on... [More]

Mathews Heli M Bow Review

by Steve Flores 26. February 2012 11:01
Steve FloresThe latest offering from Mathews may be the lightest, but this bow has so much more to offer than a reduction in weight. [More]

Choosing a Quality Archery Pro Shop - Part 1

by Steve Flores 26. February 2012 08:48
Steve FloresChoosing the right Pro-Shop is actually more important than choosing the right bow. Are you making the right choices? [More]

The New Whitetail Slam - Just what you're looking for?

by Steve Flores 21. February 2012 09:20
Steve FloresIs the latest "Record" keeping method right for you? Read on and you be the judge. [More]
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Turkey Flies Through Window of Coke Delivery Truck

by Steve Flores 1. February 2012 05:08
Steve FloresStay away from this version of Wild Turkey and Coke! [More]
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Post Season Training: Next Season Starts Now

by Steve Flores 25. January 2012 13:01
Steve FloresIf you want next season to be better than last season now is the time to start moving toward that goal. [More]

ATA Update

by Steve Flores 12. January 2012 11:39
Steve FloresHere are some additional products to wet your appetite for new archery gear. Enjoy!          The new NAP Killzone rear-deploying expandable head will definately leave a huge mark.  Protect the new Easton INJEXION arrows and NAP compatable broadheads in this new ... [More]

ATA Sneak Peak

by Steve Flores 10. January 2012 12:54
Steve Flores For an admitted “Archery Junkie” like me nothing spells excitement, anticipation and sheer bliss quite like the ATA show. The Archery Trade Association show is the largest showcase for any and all things archery. It is a chance for ATA members, buyers, and media persons like me to ... [More]

High Mountain Success

by Steve Flores 27. December 2011 06:08
Steve FloresWith so many rolling hills, food plots, and big buck sightings, it’s easy for an eastern guy to be a little jealous of his “mid-western” bowhunting brothers. After all, such particulars are seldom enjoyed in my neck of the woods. Still, the goal remains the same…..arrow a wh... [More]

Broadhead Review - NAP Thunderhead Razor

by Steve Flores 6. September 2011 14:31
Steve FloresIf you're looking for a broadhead that actually flies true, impacting with your fieldpoints, your search is over. [More]

The Great Debate: Speed vs. Kinetic Energy

by Steve Flores 31. July 2011 16:10
Steve FloresThe type of arrow you choose plays a major role in your ability to hit what you are aiming at. Have you made the right choice? [More]
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Building Perfection - Make your broadhead tipped arrows fly more accurately.

by Steve Flores 25. July 2011 15:50
Steve FloresWant to make your broadhead tipped arrows fly better than ever? Consider these simple steps to accomplish just that. [More]

Deadly Summer Practice - Extending Your Effective Bow-Killing Range

by Steve Flores 10. July 2011 15:09
Steve FloresDeadly Summer Practice: Extending Your Effective Bow-Killing Range with a few simple steps. [More]

Gear Review: Leupold RX-1000i TBR Rangefinder

by Steve Flores 4. June 2011 01:07
Steve FloresIn the world of bowhunting, undoubtedly the most vital piece of information any hunter can have at their disposal is knowing exactly how far away the target animal is. Making an accurate shot with archery equipment requires knowing the precise yardage to the target because the projectile (arrow) is ... [More]

Pre-Season Training - Preparing the Body for Tough Terrain

by Steve Flores 1. June 2011 15:24
Steve Flores When it comes to preparing for the upcoming season, a lot of bowhunters begin by shooting a few arrows in the backyard, attending a couple of 3-D shoots, and maybe hanging a stand or two. And while those things are definitely on the list of “things to do” before opening day, there ... [More]

Gear Review- NAP Apache Arrow Rest, QuikFletch, and Bloodrunner Broadhead

by Steve Flores 17. May 2011 14:09
Steve FloresThe older I get, the less I like change; particularly when it comes to my bowhunting gear. It is an emotion that I try hard to reverse. Nevertheless, as a regular contributor to and Bow and Arrow Hunting magazine, I am often asked to try different products and offer an opinion. Someti... [More]

After the Shot—Clues to recovering your next whitetail

by Steve Flores 9. May 2011 14:50
Steve FloresMonths of preparation, hours and hours of practice time, days of hanging stand after stand, all come down to one split second, one opportunity to loose an arrow at the whitetail of your dreams, or at least, the whitetail of the moment.  When the shot finally happens there is a great sense of re... [More]

3D Shooting-The Perfect Pre-Season Warm up

by Steve Flores 1. May 2011 09:50
Steve FloresWhen the moment of truth arrives we all want to deliver. In an effort to assure the likelihood that this happens, we spend countless hours hammering away at a target in the corner of the lawn. And while that type of practice strengthens shooting muscles it does little to prepare us for the real thin... [More]

Bow Review-Mathews eZ7

by Steve Flores 1. May 2011 09:06
Steve FloresWhile a good deal of attention is being placed on the flagship Z7 Extreme, and rightfully so, it would be a mistake to overlook the other bows in the Mathews stable, more specifically, the new eZ7.  Without question, this is the smoothest bow I have ever had the pleasure to shoot.  Not onl... [More]

Kansas Turkey Tag Out: When Preparation Meets Opportunity

by Steve Flores 10. April 2011 14:16
Steve FloresIn my last post I was getting ready to head out west on my first wild turkey hunt. To say I was excited would be an understatement. With that hunt now in the “memory bank”, all I can say is that Kansas was good to me and without a doubt it was a blessed hunt. However, my influence in the... [More]

Turkey Tune-Up: Preparations for Bowhunting Spring Turkey

by Steve Flores 31. March 2011 16:09
Steve FloresWith opening day of most big-game bow seasons still several turns of the calendar away, it’s nice to know there is something to take the edge off. Thank God for Springtime Turkey hunting!! With a Kansas trip in my sights, I am feverishly preparing for my hunt while at the same time tackling al... [More]

Armchair Whitetail Scouting

by Steve Flores 21. March 2011 13:16
Steve FloresFlying under the whitetail radar, while effectively locating your next trophy from the comfort of your own home, is actually easier than it sounds using these three steps. [More]

Product Review - Axion Archery GLX Sight

by Steve Flores 8. March 2011 14:08
Steve FloresLooking for a top of the line sight to go with your top of the line bow? Look no further than the latest offering from this sight manufacturer. [More]

Off-Season Shooting: A Different Approach

by Steve Flores 28. February 2011 13:22
Steve FloresWhen seasons are closed and the weather is foul, nothing beats some quality time honing shooting skills before the next big-game schedule opens on a new year. However, there exist a different kind of off-season shooting that shouldn’t be neglected. And, in the grand scheme of things, could quite possible be the most important training you and I will ever partake in. [More]

Perfecting the Whitetail Shot: Off-Season Prep

by Steve Flores 22. February 2011 14:07
Steve FloresDon’t let the title fool you. While it may suggest improving shots on whitetails, without question the following technique can be applied to any type of big, or small, game hunting you do with a bow and arrow. Although this technique may appear to be simple on paper (or on a computer screen), ... [More]

Closure on a Whitetail Buck

by Steve Flores 6. February 2011 15:46
Steve FloresAfter a roller coaster ride that many bowhunters are familiar with, this West Virginia bowhunter found what he was looking for. [More]

Something More Than Scent Control

by Steve Flores 24. January 2011 15:49
Steve Flores            Despite recent questions regarding the overall effectiveness of carbon impregnated clothing, my confidence in such garments hasn’t faltered one bit. What’s more, I can say with total honesty that my position on the subjec... [More]

The Short Road to Ruin

by Steve Flores 16. January 2011 13:29
Steve Flores        Before I started writing this blog I had several subjects bouncing around in my head (like rocks in an empty pop bottle), but this one kept getting stuck in the “bottle neck”; so to speak. So, I decided to share with you how I am spending my Jan... [More]

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