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Shed buck game camera pics, and a surprise.....

by Scott Abbott 22. December 2008 09:46
Scott Abbott   Looks to be a healthy buck who has shed his antlers at first glance......       Maybe even at second glance.....     How about now?????     For my area his muscles structure w... [More]

First snow day of 2008.

by Scott Abbott 20. November 2008 09:43
Scott Abbott Monday November, 17th was my first sit with any snow accumlination.  I had sat thru hail, flurries and some all out snow, but this was the first day it stuck.  Since Monday we have had snow everyday as well as a good bit of it today. With the snow was high aspirations as I hunt mos... [More]

The four main beam buck: A story of Almost.

by Scott Abbott 20. November 2008 08:30
Scott Abbott Sunday November, 16th started no differently than any other morning.  I got settled into my stand 15 minutes prior to legal shooting light, bundled up to fight off the below freezing temps.  Roughly a half hour later I hear it; the tell tale sign of deer chasing.  Although the ... [More]

Interesting doe encounter.

by Scott Abbott 15. November 2008 13:29
Scott Abbott Saturday November 15th, I had a fairly interesting encounter with a lone mature doe....  The forecast for the day was for rain and wind, and boy was the weather man right on for a change.  The "mini storms" would come through one after another.  High winds and rain followe... [More]

Ohio Archery buck : Brother scores!

by Scott Abbott 15. November 2008 12:49
Scott Abbott My brother Jason was at one time a die-hard hunter.  Don't get me wrong, he still hunts hard but over the years he has shifted his main focus from whitetails to tournament bass fishing.  Most seasons these days he doesn't find his way to his deer stand until the en... [More]

Pennsylvania Bowhunting Buck Down!

by Scott Abbott 7. November 2008 02:14
Scott Abbott November 6th, found me sitting in a familiar lock on locally after arriving back home the night before from camp. The action down south at camp was pretty slow. I was seeing a lot of other hunters and some bucks but nothing impressive so I decided to come home for a couple days to check the action... [More]

Big Buck Rubs - Excitement turns to disappointment.

by Scott Abbott 29. October 2008 05:41
Scott AbbottAs I round the outside edge of the standing corn field en route to stand with intentions of checking my Moultrie Game Spy 4.0 camera that is located on the back side of a standing corn field I see a nice fresh rub.....  Looking closer, that rub is on the tree my game camera has been attach... [More]

2008 season off to a slow start.

by Scott Abbott 6. October 2008 15:21
Scott Abbott With a little more than a week of my 2008 Ohio archery season in the books, I don't have much to report.  The early season has been real slow for me with only 5 shot opportunities so far, two does, two yearling 8 points and a button buck is all that has come into shooting range.  Aft... [More]

The Rage Broadhead - 2 Blade Hype

by Scott Abbott 29. September 2008 16:29
Scott AbbottI finally gave in and got a pack of the Rage 2 blade broadheads....               You just cannot ignore the overwhelmingly positive reports on their performance... Hearing one person tout a product is one thing, but these heads have been t... [More]

New Lone Wolf Sit and Climb Seat Review

by Scott Abbott 19. September 2008 14:44
Scott Abbott I must say, the padded seats that used to come with the Lone Wolf Sit and Climb are perhaps the most uncomfortable seat on a climbing tree stand I have sat in for years....  The thin nylon straps underneath the old seat dug into the back of my legs through the rather thin paddi... [More]

Octane One-Piece Quiver Review.

by Scott Abbott 8. September 2008 12:58
Scott AbbottThis new quiver from Octane is one of the most innovative pieces of gear to hit the bowhunting market for the 2008 season. Check out some of the great features. [More]

Pre-Season Check-up: Food Sources

by Scott Abbott 7. September 2008 11:10
Scott Abbott The clock has been ticking time away, summer is now all but gone. I look at the calender to find myself three Saturdays shy of opening day.  This time of year is always hectic. Finishing up chores at home, checking game cameras, getting our gear tuned up and loose ends taken care of... [More]

Longing to run into an old friend.

by Scott Abbott 3. September 2008 12:31
Scott Abbott If there ever was a buck that I would love to get an opportunity to have 20 feet below me and 20 yards out.....  This is him.     A velvet photo showing a broken tine hanging down still attached by velvet.   In hard antler. My fi... [More]

Extra gear laying around?

by Scott Abbott 1. September 2008 11:22
Scott Abbott As I sift through my gear preparing my equipment for this autumns archery season, I notice some items I no longer use.... Some great gear that I got good use out of but for some reason or another I replaced it along the way with something else, or just retired it... [More]

First hard antlered buck of the summer!

by Scott Abbott 28. August 2008 11:58
Scott Abbott It is almost that time..... I am now exactly one month away from Ohio's 2008-2009 bow opener. The anticipation has been building and last evening I got another shot of adrenaline while pulling out of a gas well access road after checking a game cam. Across the road in a very lush and green soy... [More]

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